Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder Pose Nude -- Are They Hollywood's Hottest TV Couple?

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Sexy Nina Dobrev poses for the cameras.

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Sexy Nina Dobrev poses for the cameras.

"The Vampire Diaries" stars Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder are heating up newsstands with a racy cover photo on Entertainment Weekly. In one of three different covers, the on- and off-screen couple are both naked, clutching one of those TV-modesty staples: the strategically placed bed sheet. Once we were done applauding the fact that for once, the guy is as naked as the girl, we started fanning ourselves over the steamy photo shoot. Sheet or no sheet, the pic is sexy, offering even more evidence that these two have the hottest romance on TV.

Sexual Tension

From the moment Ian Somerhalder's vampire Damon and Nina Dobrev's high school student Elena appeared on screen together in "The Vampire Diaries," the attraction between them was smoldering. The beauty of this couple is that the sexual tension exists on multiple levels--and it just keeps evolving. There's the bad boy/good girl element, never mind the murderous vampire/scared-potential-victim dynamic. Then there's the forbidden love factor, since Damon is flirting with his brother Stefan's (Paul Wesley) girlfriend. Now add in the constant trust issues, growing affection, understanding and even love, and you've got enough heat to incinerate an original vampire.

All this works because Somerhalder has one of the most seductive set of bedroom eyes you'll ever see, and is a master at invading Dobrev's personal space in a way that makes our knees weak. We're guessing that's what helped lure her into a real-life romance with the sexy actor. For her part, the gorgeous actress makes Elena the perfect male fantasy--all doe-eyed sweetness with barely contained desire lurking just under the surface. She's no easy conquest, either, and the challenge makes it all the more exciting for Damon--and us.

The Love Triangle within a Love Triangle

The Entertainment Weekly covers highlight the love triangle of Stefan, Elena and Damon. There's a fourth character who complicates the matter, however, and that's Elena's undead ancestral "twin," Katherine. Like her doppelganger, the vampire who turned the brothers has a thing for both of them, though it's tainted with more self-preservation and less depth of feeling. As for "The Vampire Diaries" audience, we get Damon kissing Elena, Damon kissing Katharine, and Damon kissing Katharine when she's pretending to be Elena. Where else on TV can you get that kind of sexy head-trip?

Real Life Couple

When sexy actors on TV start dating in real life, there's often fan backlash, particularly since most of the fans want one of those sexy actors for themselves. This trend doesn't seem to have affected Somerhalder and Dobrev much, however, as the two are just too darn adorable to resent. They gush about loving each other's positive attitudes, and sweetly hold hands in public. They look positively ravishing on the red carpet. They even both like wearing hats. What makes all that love truly sexy, though, is that Somerhalder still turns on that Damon possessiveness when he's around his girl.

What do you think, omg! readers? Are Somerhalder and Dobrev the hottest couple on TV, or do you have another sexy pairing you prefer?

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