Nicole Richie Debuts in New Perfume Ad, Plus Other Celebs Who Are Doing the Same

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Nicole Richie Debuts in New Perfume Ad, Plus Other Celebs Who Are Doing the Same

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Nicole Richie debuts a new perfume ad.

It seems as if every starlet appears in a perfume ad nowadays, so why shouldn't Nicole Richie? The fashionista announced back in July that she was going to launch her first fragrance in September and now the new ad has been released for Nicole by Nicole Richie. In the photo, she looks stunning while wearing a lavender backless dress, the only problem is that her right hand looks a bit awkward the way it's positioned peeking out under her left elbow. Other than that, everything from the background to the makeup is perfection. While she's the latest to come out with a new ad, there are several other famous ladies who are featured in new ads as well.

Kristen Stewart

The "Twilight" star may be hiding out after her cheating scandal, but she's featured in a new ad that debuted in Spanish Elle for Balenciaga's Florabotanica perfume. In the mostly black-and-white ad, she's wearing a black-and-white vertical striped long-sleeve shirt and her hair is actually voluminous and not greasy looking. While we love the overall look, her expression and eyes are blank. It would have been nice to see a bit more feeling. Then again, considering she's known for basically having one facial expression , we're not too surprised.

Taylor Swift

The country crooner is all set to debut her newest perfume, Wonderstruck Enchanted, in September and a couple of weeks ago we got a look at her new ad for the fragrance. It features the beauty wearing a stunning strapless red gown while sitting in a large velvet chair. Her hair is down in soft waves and she's sporting some bold red lips. While her perfume ad for Wonderstruck featured a purple bottle and Taylor wearing a pale gown, we love the look of the red Wonderstruck Enchanted bottle and of her wearing a bold, vibrant gown.

Lady Gaga

Leave it to the wild songstress to come out with a risque perfume ad. On July 16, she released the black-and-white ad for her Fame fragrance that has the tagline "The First Ever Black Eau de Parfum." The ad features Gaga completely nude except for a black mask, the perfume bottle in her hand and tiny little men strategically placed over her lady parts and in various other spots on her body. The shot was done by photog Steven Klein, who also worked with her on her "Alejandro" video.

Which perfume ad is your favorite?

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