Nicole Kidman Could Play Grace Kelly - 3 Other Stars to Consider for the Role

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Nicole Kidman Could Play Grace Kelly - 3 Other Stars to Consider for the Role

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Will Nicole Kidman play Grace Kelly in an upcoming film?

Actress Nicole Kidman is about to become the latest actress to step into the shoes of Hollywood royalty. Well, not just Hollywood royalty, but actual royalty as well! In "Grace of Monaco," Kidman will play the legendary actress who gave it all up to marry a prince, Grace Kelly. The film will focus on a 1962 incident that wound up seeing Kelly help avert a coup in Monaco.

Very few names in the history of Hollywood carry as much mystique and cache as that of Princess Grace. She was a gorgeous actress with a Best Actress Oscar and a very bright acting career ahead of her when she married Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956. She'd never appear in another film again. When she died in a tragic car accident in 1982, the world forever lost a woman whose beauty and elegance has been rarely matched ever since.

Following on the heels of Oscar nominated performances as Marilyn Monroe for Michelle Williams , and Meryl Streep as Julia Child, maybe Kidman is trying to catch some Oscar hardware for herself. Kidman will certainly have her work cut out for her, given Kelly's reputation and meaning in Tinseltown, but we think she's got what it takes. We did however, also want to posit a couple more actresses that the producers may want to consider as well.

Renée Zellweger - The "Jerry Maguire" and "Bridget Jones's Diary" star does bear at least a passing resemblance to Kelly. She's also definitely got more than enough acting skill to pull off the role, having already won Oscar gold for Best Supporting actress for her work on "Cold Mountain."

January Jones - She's blonde, gorgeous, a good actress, and she's actually much closer to the age Princess Grace would have been in 1962 than Kidman is. With some creative makeup and wardrobe, it wouldn't be that hard to turn Jones into a believable Grace. January is probably also very used to the clothing of the time, having worked for the last five seasons on AMC's smash hit TV series "Mad Men," which is set in the exact era that the film in question will take place.

Reese Witherspoon - They'd have to adjust the shooting schedule around the birth of her new baby, but Reese may be a good actress to tap for this role too. She's already won an Oscar for playing June Carter, wife of Johnny Cash in "Walk the Line," so she's got great experience playing a known celebrity already. As with Jones, she's closer in age to Grace in 1962 than Kidman, as well.

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