Nicole Kidman to Channel Grace Kelly: Other Celebs Playing Female Hollywood Legends

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Nicole Kidman to Channel Grace Kelly: Other Celebs Playing Female Hollywood Legends

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Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman happens to be one of those actresses who is no stranger to morphing into exotic roles. Her upcoming turn as Grace Kelly in "Grace of Monaco" comes as no surprise. Nicole's delicate features and poised demeanor are definitely in her favor. But she's not the only one to breathe new life into a Hollywood legend. These celebs have also portrayed celebrated icons.

Lindsay Lohan - Elizabeth Taylor

Take one look at Lohan in costume as Elizabeth Taylor and you'll likely say that she was meant for the role. Even those close to the project have admitted that Lindsay did a remarkably competent job of portraying the legendary siren in "Liz and Dick," which airs on Lifetime in November 2012. Unfortunately, the troubled star's string of setbacks appears to be overshadowing the breakthrough role.

Michelle Williams - Marilyn Monroe

"My Week with Marilyn" was an independent box office success, no doubt in part to Michelle Williams' transformation into Marilyn Monroe. Critics championed her ability to capture both the bubbly and troubled sides of the 60s bombshell. Michelle claims to have completely submerged herself in all things Marilyn to nail the portrayal.

Naomi Watts - Princess Diana

Princess Diana wasn't exactly an on-screen legend. But she was certainly legendary in her own right. Australian actress Naomi Watts is said to have received some prosthetic work, several "Diana-styled" wigs, and extensive dialogue coaching in order to perfect her depiction of the famous humanitarian.

Scarlett Johansson - Janet Leigh

Somehow it's not too difficult imagining Scarlett Johansson in the role of a screen siren. In "Hitchcock" she does just that, becoming Janet Leigh - whose renowned "Psycho" shower scene has been spoofed by the dozens. At this stage in the game, it's unclear how much of a presence Johansson will have in the film. But the "Match Point" actress' effortless smolder is perhaps what nailed the role.

Zoe Saldana - Nina Simone

Some have criticized filmmakers for casting "The Words" star Zoe Saldana as iconic singer, Nina Simone. Unlike other stars who bear considerable resemblances to the legends they play, Saldana (who is of Dominican and Puerto Rican heritage) isn't exactly a dead ringer for Simone. But like Watts, expert application of wigs and prosthetics should bridge the visual gap. Saldana's performance will hopefully take care of the rest.

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