Will Nicki Minaj Steal the Show from Mariah Carey on 'American Idol'?

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Will Nicki Minaj Steal the Show from Mariah Carey on 'American Idol'?

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Nicki Minaj brings her over-the-top style to "American Idol."

"American Idol" finally announced officially that hip-hop artist Nicki Minaj will be joining the show for Season 12. Since already-signed pop diva Mariah Carey landed herself an $18 million salary, it seemed likely she'd be the center of attention at the judges' table. That spotlight is now in danger of shifting to the younger female star, however, leaving the "Triumphant" singer in the shadow cast by one of Minaj's giant pink wigs.

Current vs. Iconic

Mimi definitely wins over her competitor in the vocal talent category, and her iconic, multi-octave voice has earned her generations of fans. Since their gradual loss of about 10 million viewers, however, "American Idol" producers are hoping to draw in as much of the younger crowd as they can. Enter the 29-year-old Minaj, who's perfected her "Harajuku Barbie" blend of rap and over-the-top pop to rake in two genres' worth of teen fans.

Obviously Mariah has joined on to "American Idol" with the hope of following J-Lo's footsteps and re-invigorating her career. Up against the young rapper, however, will the "Glitter" star fail to resonate with fans who weren't even born when she first found musical success?

Stilettos vs. Platforms

There's no doubt that Mrs. Nick Cannon has gotten her share of attention for her endless collection of crop tops and short shorts. But navel-baring cut-offs and peep-toe stilettos seem tame in comparison to the purple-hair, micro-mini, and fur-boot concoctions Ms. Minaj conjures up. The newest "American Idol" judge showed up to the first day of auditions wearing skin-tight sky blue leggings and a pink and yellow wig.

Mariah still got noticed as she posed provocatively in her flirty, all-black ensemble, but once seated at the judges' table, she looked fairly conservative. We're guessing once she sees that viewers' eyes are going straight to the cotton candy confection to her left, she's going to bust out the cleavage-bearing dresses and some serious sparkle to try and compete.

Paula vs. Steven?

"American Idol" fans loved former judge Paula Abdul, for both her joyous enthusiasm and her heavy dose of rambling craziness. Mariah has potential as her successor, with her wide-eyed self-adulation and declarations like "butterflies are always following me, wherever I go." Random model poses and bizarre statements might not be enough to make her stand out, in comparison to her scene-stealing costar.

New judge Minaj is known for her raunchy and obscenity-laden language, which often gets her censored on TV, whether rapping or merely accepting an award. "American Idol" viewers will remember how much fun the show had with Steven Tyler's foul language, joking around with constant bleeping and the giggling reactions from the other judges. We can always cross our fingers and hope, however, that the flamboyant hip-hop star will draw attention to herself by actually offering a useful, constructive critique of the contestant's performances. But maybe we're chasing butterflies as much as Mariah on that one.

What do you think, omg! readers? Will Mariah hold her own, or will Nicki steal the show?

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