Nicki Minaj Spreads the Love During ‘American Idol’ Vegas Week

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Nicki Minaj Spreads the Love During ‘American Idol’ Vegas Week

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Yeah, we'll say it. "American Idol' judge Nicki Minaj is making Steven Tyler look like a choir boy -- but not in a way that has the FOX censors sitting on the bleep button.

While we expected a bevy of bleeps and block-outs over the "Super Bass" singer's mouth when she took to the Season 12 "Idol" judges' panel (one look at her Twitter page and you'll see she has a fondness for F-bombs), she's sparing us that, but she is giving us more suggestive commentary than last season's Tyler/J-Lo combo. She's also making Steven Tyler's infamous inappropriate comment to teen singer Shannon Magrane's dad look downright charming.

Ms. Minaj has the hots for this season's "Idol" boys, and she's making her kittenish crushes known in a big way. The latest in her series of purring comments to the young boy singers? On Thursday night's show she declared that she wants to have 18-year old Elijah Liu's babies.

"You are a super-duper star, little boy," she drooled. "I want to have your babies. I am so serious. You are 18, you are sexy. You're my new favorite boy. I'm obsessed with you!"

She also said she'd sign him on the spot (sign this!) as she professed her love for the Mexican-Chinese Justin Bieber wannabe.

Throughout the auditions, Nicki asked every pretty boy "Idol" hopeful if they have a girlfriend. Last night she thanked chiseled contestant Johnny Keyser for being "nicely, freshly groomed," and she told the scarf-wearing Chris Watson he was "the prettiest man I've ever seen in my life."

Seriously, is this "American Idol" or "America's Next Top Model"?

While she may be teetering on Paula Abdul territory with her blatant boy crushes, Nicki is sure to tell the girls when they lack the look. ( "Lose the hair, it's aging you" she told contestant Tenna Torres, before slamming beauty queen Brandy Hotard for her toothy "pageant delivery" of a Travis Tritt song.)

But darling Nicki did save some love for female contestant Kree Harrison.

"Every time you sing a song, you make love to the song," the freshman "Idol" judge declared. She then went on to tout Harrison's full-clothed sexiness, saying, "Something about you is just so sexy when you sing."

Of course, nothing tops Nicki's crush on quirky 17-year-old Charlie Askew.

"Your weirdness, your awkwardness, it excites me," she told the mop-topped singer during the Vegas round. "I love you so much …. I want to cradle you in my arms."

Now that's a visual we could do without!

"American Idol" Season 12 airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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