Nick Jonas Shows Off His Flirty Side on 'The X Factor'

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Nick Jonas Shows Off His Flirty Side on 'The X Factor'

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Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas kicked off his return to the spotlight with a guest judging spot on Wednesday night's episode of "The X Factor." He stepped in to help pal Demi Lovato whittle down her Young Adults group and gave some good advice on everyone from Willie Jones to CeCe Frey.

However, there was one contestant that caught the 20-year-old's eye: Jillian Jensen. Jonas had more than a few nice things to say about the hopeful.

"Maybe it's out of line, but she's kinda sexy," he said. "There's something sexy about her. It's the voice tied with the passion in it."

The vote of confidence helped push Jensen through to the next round. Don't assume Jonas was easy on her because she's pretty.

"I was really honest. I don't know if I was too honest or not, but I know that it was great to work with Demi on that," he told MTV after the show.

Vote of Confidence in Pal Demi

Jonas had equally nice words to say about his "Camp Rock" co-star Lovato.

"I think she's great as a judge," he added to MTV News. "I think she has an incredible ear for music. I know that over time, I love and have loved writing music with her."

The Jonas Brothers are Back

The Jonas Brothers have been on an extended break over the past couple of years, basically because Joe Jonas was too busy dating Hollywood's finest female celebs and Kevin Jonas was busy getting married.

But, they're back! The trio is set to kick off their comeback with a one-night performance at Radio City Music Hall. The boys told Fuse that they're feeling a lot more relaxed these days when it comes to music and touring, especially because they call the shots.

"We've been able to find inspirations from different records or even lyric stuff we've been able to go through and write about it for this new album," Joe told Fuse of their sound.

With that newfound freedom comes to ability to write and compose their own songs.

"Not that we weren't writing the music before, but now we're producing and writing it all ourselves so it's really happening and we can choose how we want to release it," Nick added.

Fans at the Radio City Music Hall will get to hear some of that new music. Is there still room for The Jonas Brothers in a music scene dominated by One Direction and Justin Bieber? We're about to find out.

Do you still like The Jonas Brothers?

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