Nick Cannon Tweets About Kidney Failure and Tyra Banks Loves Taco Bell: Best Celeb Tweets of the Week

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This week is almost over and we're bringing you the most interesting tweets from Hollywood's biggest celebs. Mariah Carey and hubby Nick Cannon tweet about Nick's recent scare with a mild kidney failure as he stays in the hospital. Miley Cyrus gives some tips to pal and fellow celeb Demi Lovato about what to do in interviews and Tyra Banks dishes on her favorite fast food order.

Zooey Deschanel: "tonight's gettin' crazy! microwave popcorn and real housewives on the dvr! woo hoo."

Mariah Carey: "Please pray for Nick as he's fighting to recover from a mild kidney failure. #mybraveman"

Nick Cannon:" Currently being transfered to a hospital in LA. Thank you all for all your love, prayers and concern. You know me... I will be a'ight"

Paris Hilton: "Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. "

Kim Kardashian: "That was a pic from my new fragrance ad campaign True Reflection, which comes out this spring! It is so different than my other fragrances!"

Justin Bieber:"all of u inspire me. #real"

Sarah Silverman: "Candy to me is like spinach to Popeye but instead of super-strength I spiral into a shuddering ball"

Chelsea Handler: "Its offical. are you there chelsea premieres next wednesday on NBC at 8:30pm. You can see what I'd look like if I let my roots grow out."

Miley Cyrus: "@ddlovato Do what I do & play games! Make someone give u crazy words and you have 2 say it in the interview! 1st word- snicker doodle ;)"

Craig Ferguson:"7year anniversary of my show today. I think we'll celebrate by doing a poorly lit special where@GeoffTheRobot & I riff some smutty innuendo"

David Spade "This should be called looking for bigfoot cuz if u call it finding bigfoot u better FIND BIGFOOT. or its just camping"

Ashton Kutcher: "Can we please stop this nonsense #factcheck"

Tyra Banks: "Dont lie! U have a fav fast fd ordr! Mine's Taco Bell: 2Pintos&cheez, easy beans, xtra cheez&sauce, sourcream. Micro in a bowl&its CUH-RAZY!"

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