Neil Diamond Marries for Third Time - Other Hollywood Men with Three Marriages

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Good times are feeling good again for singer Neil Diamond. The 71-year-old music legend said "I do" to Katie McNeil, a woman nearly 30 years younger than Neil. McNeil is also Diamond's manager. The ceremony took place over the weekend in a private and small gathering in Los Angeles, according to Neil's rep. This marks the third time he's made someone "Mrs. Diamond," and the first time as a bride for Katie.

Multiple marriages is not uncommon anymore these days, and in Hollywood especially they're nothing new. Here now are a few notable examples of stars in the "Third Time's the Charm" club.

Marilyn Monroe - Though her alleged affairs with John and Bobby Kennedy are the stuff of legends, Marilyn was also the kind of girl who could settle down, and in fact she did so three times in her short life. Monroe married police officer James Dougherty in 1942, baseball icon Joe DiMaggio 1954, and author and playwright Arthur Miller in 1956. The marriage to Joltin' Joe was the shortest, clocking in just about 10 months, but her marriages to Dougherty and Miller each went a little over five years. Marilyn did not have any children with her spouses.

Woody Allen - A comedic voice of his generation, Allen's love life fell under harsh scrutiny and his reputation took a knock when he married Soon-Yi Previn. Why was everyone up in arms? Well, she had been the adopted daughter of Allen's long time girlfriend Mia Farrow, despite Previn's assertions that Woody was never a father-figure in her life. Soon-Yi was Woody's third bride, having been previously married to actress Louise Lasser and his first wife Harlene Rosen. Woody and Soon-Yi have two daughters via adoption together.

Harrison Ford - The man who was Han Solo and Indiana Jones has also taken on the adventure of marriage three times in his life. His first marriage was in 1964 to Mary Marquardt, whom he had two kids with in their fifteen year marriage. Next he married screenwriter Melissa Mathison, and had two kids with her. Then in 2010 Ford walked down the aisle with his long-time girlfriend, "Ally McBeal" star Calista Flockhart, and they have one child together whom Calista adopted.

Pamela Anderson - The "Baywatch" star and Playboy model has been made a missus three times. First she married rock drummer Tommy Lee in 1995. The couple had two kids together, but perhaps their most infamous creation was the sex tape they made that was stolen, leaked and eventually licensed, pretty much the first of its kind. Then in 2006 she married another rocker, singer Kid Rock. Finally, in 2007 she and producer Rick Salomon were wed, but their marriage was annulled just months later.

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