Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis and More Members of the ‘Friends with Benefits’ Brigade Find Love

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Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis and More Members of the ‘Friends with Benefits’ Brigade Find Love

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Natalie is nominated this year!

Some of Hollywood's most beautiful brunettes have tried to convince the world that women can have male "friends with benefits" to have relationships with by starring in rom-coms. However, in real life lovely ladies like Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Anne Hathaway, and Zooey Deschanel seem to have learned the same lesson as their characters - what they really want is real love, weddings, and lots of PDA.

In "No Strings Attached," Natalie plays a doctor who believes that people aren't naturally monogamous. So who better to start a sex-only set-up with than Ashton Kutcher? But in real life the Oscar-winning actress doesn't seem to be anything like her character - when she fell in love with dancer Benjamin Millepied while working on the movie "Black Swan," she wasted no time getting engaged and starting a family.

The couple got married over the weekend, with Natalie opting for a classic, tea-length Rodarte gown with an A-line skirt and long sleeves - it looked more like something that "New Girl" star Zooey would wear (more on her in a minute).

There weren't many guests at Natalie's wedding, so there's no word on if her "Black Swan" costar Mila was invited. The two do share another connection aside from starring in the dark dance flick together - Mila is seemingly dating Natalie's "No Strings Attached" costar Ashton. It might have been a bit too awkward to invite the couple to the wedding since Mila's ex Macaulay Culkin was reportedly in attendance.

Mila had her own no strings attached movie in "Friends with Benefits," in which she and Justin Timberlake play pals who try to just hook up (guess how that one ends). But in real life, she's been looking pretty loved-up with Demi's philandering ex, whom she first met on the set of "That '70s Show." At first it looked like they might have a real friends with benefits thing going on, but by packing on the PDA and being seen together frequently, they're making their dating denials harder and harder to believe - they even took a secret trip to Bali together. If Mila is falling for the actor, hopefully she can keep him away from hot tubs full of babes.

In "(500) Days of Summer," Zooey made women everywhere hate her by stringing along cutie Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but she would go on to win everyone over on her "adorkable" show "New Girl." And luckily she doesn't seem to be toying with her new guy's emotions in real life - at least she looked pretty head-over-heels in love with screenwriter Jamie Linden when she was photographed kissing him over the weekend. Hopefully Jess finally gets that happy rom-com ending that she's always dreamed of.

Another beloved brunette, the beautiful Anne Hathaway, plays a girl who is afraid of committing in "Love & Other Drugs." This is because her character has Parkinson's and doesn't want a partner to have to deal with her disease. But then along comes Jake Gyllenhaal's character, a playboy pharmaceutical rep who she just tries to have sex with. But of course he falls for her, and you know the rest.

In real life love has also been a bit rocky for Anne, whose ex Raffaello Follieri served a prison sentence for fraud. Things seem to be going much better for her now - she recently rocked a retro look that Zooey would be jealous of, complete with a scarf and a pretty pink parasol, while taking a relaxing stroll with her fiancé Adam Schulman. Hopefully Catwoman is feeling like the kitty that got the cream this time around.

So while the friends with benefits thing is fun for modern movies, in real life actresses just seem to want an old-fashioned happily ever after.

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