Nasty Fight with a Female Writer Causes Chris Brown to Ditch Twitter - Should We Ditch Him Now?

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Nasty Fight with a Female Writer Causes Chris Brown to Ditch Twitter - Should We Ditch Him Now?

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Does singer Chris Brown need a serious time out from the public?

Chris Brown is in serious need of a time out. Again. The 23-year-old recording artist has apparently quit Twitter in the wake of a nasty and obscene verbal sparring match he had on the microblogging site with Jenny Johnson, a female writer and comedian. The fight was started by Johnson who re-tweeted a post from Brown and adding, "Being a worthless piece of [expletive] can really age a person." Johnson was referring to the 2009 domestic violence case in which Brown was arrested and later plead guilty to a felony in exchange for community service, domestic abuse counseling and five years probation for beating fellow singer and then girlfriend Rihanna viciously.

Brown didn't take the insult via tweet laying down. He lashed out on Johnson, calling her names and swearing back at her. Johnson's retort was to play English teacher with Brown and correct his spelling. Soon, the words escalated and got nastier, eventually resulting in the singer's Twitter page being taken down. Public sentiment toward Chris has been mixed at best since 2009. Making things more complicated has been the fact that Rihanna has been seen numerous times with Brown, and has admitted to having a complicated relationship with the young entertainer.

Is it time for the general public to send the "Turn Up The Music" singer a message and turn our backs on him?

Yes, We Should All Ignore Him Starting Now - The fact that his Twitter account is now down, presumably for a long time, shows that Brown or someone on his team understands how bad a light the tweet exchange makes him look. Taking the high road and ignoring Johnson's bait would have shown a clarity of wisdom and maturity that could give the public at large the impression that while what he did to Rihanna is not ever okay, he's at least learned a lesson and feels remorse about it. Until he can show the public that he does respect women, and is remorseful for the events that caused a major hit to his reputation, the public doesn't owe him anything in return.

No, If Rihanna Can Forgive and Forget We Should Too - Reportedly Rihanna and Brown spent the Thanksgiving holiday together in Germany. She's also given many interviews in which she talks about the complicated nature of their relationship, but clearly she's not interested in severing all ties with him. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, Johnson did in fact start the tweet-feud with Brown, and not the other way around, so you have to wonder if it was Johnson's intent to bait Brown into a tirade or tantrum, and if that's the case who's really at fault? Brown probably should have ignored the tweet, but does he have a right to defend himself, even with his past history with Rihanna?

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