Naomi Watts Working as Princess Diana: Her Other Serious Roles

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Images of Naomi Watts as Princess Diana have surfaced, and the beautiful actress certainly looks the part. The star was officially cast in the biopic in February, expressing a ton of gratitude at the chance to play one of the most popular women in recent memory. "It is such an honor to be able to play this iconic role," she said. "Princess Diana was loved across the world and I look forward to rising to the challenge of playing her on screen." The movie is expected to focus on the final years of Diana's public life, so you can bet that a lot of the subject matter will be serious in nature. Fortunately, the stunning blonde star has plenty of experience in playing dramatic roles. Here is a look back at her most serious roles to date.

Christina Peck - "21 Grams"

Naomi earned her first Oscar nomination for her role in this critically acclaimed drama from 2003. Despite sharing the screen with Oscar winners Sean Penn and Benicio del Toro, it was Naomi that stole the spotlight. She plays a recovering drug addict that loses her family in a horrific car accident. The actress does a great job of giving us a gritty and real portrayal of a woman that continues to have faith people despite dealing with a number of life-changing issues.

Rachel Keller - "The Ring"

After this 2002 horror hit, no one could question Naomi's ability to carry a serious movie. In an effort to investigate the mysterious death of her niece, the character watches a creepy videotape and learns that something terrible will happen in seven days. She never goes over the top as she tries to show us her subtle fear, giving us a very believable protagonist in this genre-changing film. Horror movies aren't always known for strong acting, but Naomi helped change that perception with her performance here.

Anna Khitrova - "Eastern Promises"

In David Cronenberg's underrated drama, Naomi plays a moral nurse that is thrust into the seedy underworld of the Russian mafia. Throughout the film, the actress does a brilliant job of showing us a woman that is desperate to understand her own background while trying to cope with the fact that she can't have children. Naomi's sincere performance in this movie is a sure sign that she can find success as Princess Diana.

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