MTV's "Jersey Shore" Episode 10 Recap

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Lindsay Lohan Reunites with Father, Mom Talks to Matt Lauer, is Change on the Horizon?

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Lindsay Lohan Reunites with Father, Mom Talks to Matt Lauer, is Change on the Horizon?

Well, looks like we've lived to see another week of "Jersey Shore". Last night's was pretty dramatic, but also entertaining.

We begin our show in Miami Beach at a club. Last week at the club, our head Guido in charge, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, became a fan of Canada. You see, the beautiful Samantha is from Canada, and Mike has fallen in lust with her. She will be wooed with the thumping beats of house music, dressed in sweatpants, and brought to the Smash Room of love. Turns out, she's um...well...vocal is a nice way to put it, when she is being woo'ed by The Situation. Again, I bet her parents are proud. Of course we get the comic relief of DJ Pauly D, Vinny, and Ronnie all cracking Canadian jokes in the kitchen.

After last week's fight between Angelina and Mike over the whole "being dirty" thing, Angelina belts him in the mouth, and of course, that makes things instantly better, right? While Mike and Miss Canada are in the Smash Room, Angelina decided to sleep with Jose in Mike's bed. This is gross on so many levels beyond the obvious. Even Jose had a problem with that. This once again, caused another fight with Angelina. Further proving that Angelina just doesn't understand how to get along with people. Even Jenni goes out on the patio to try to tell her that Mike has a way of getting under people's skin and to just let it go. Which was very mature of our beloved J-Woww to say. Golf claps for her.

Pauly D totally stole the show again this week with his comedy gold. From "Tee Shirt Time!" to "Yeah, Wake up Time, Yeah!" He's totally keeping the mood light while we watch a lot of fighting. Another person that brought the funny this week was Ronnie Ortiz of the Sammi Sweetheart & Ronnie Dysfunctional Duo. I think this less screen time, more commentary approach to Ronnie suits him the best. He had some pretty good zingers in some of the clips. Like fighting Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi was like "Fighting a Baby...with baby T-rex arms!" Priceless. There was also dry heaving in the Escalade because someone left a cheese "sangawich" under the seat. Hilarious.

Speaking of Snooki, she was her usual cutie pie self this week. A little desperate, with the whole begging that guy Alex at the club to make out with her, but she's still awesome. Her "Guido Checklist" was hysterical. It was like something you write about your future husband in the 8th grade. Snooki was actually the one that put the cap on the proverbial Angelina bottle after they all returned home from the club, and Snooki walked in with Alex, a guy Angelina had brought home before.

Now this is what sums up Angelina's crazy in a nutshell. Here Angelina has been bragging about dating several random guys and bringing them home, sleeping with Vinny, and declaring herself a single girl that can do what she wants, right? So why is she busting Alex's chops like he's cheating on her or something? On top of it all, Pauly D kept asking how Jose was during Angelina's screeching at Alex.

At this point, Snooki's had enough, asks someone to hold her earrings, and well, jumps on Angelina. A lot of rolling around and hair pulling ensues and once again Ronnie brings the funny with:

"In this corner at 4'9" two inches with the poof, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi! In that corner weighing 386lbs the Staten Island Dump!"

Mike moving the table out of the way so the table didn't get hurt was also hysterical.

The fight ends with Snooki declaring herself "still pretty" even though her eyelashes are half off, her hair is a mess and her skirt's up around her waist. Angelina packs her bag, takes her ball and goes home.

So that's that for this week. Angelina rides alone for the second season in a row, and next week, Mike does a mean thing to Vinny that might affect his "Dancing With The Star"s votes.

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