Movies Turning 30 in 2013

Happy Birthday, 'Valley Girl' and 'Scarface'

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Movies Turning 30 in 2013

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Tom Cruise was a major star 30 years ago and today.

The year was 1983. Girls wore leg warmers, permed their big hair, and guys were into parachute pants with zippers, Ray Bans, preppy layers, and Members Only jackets. Even if you don't remember 1983 (yes, we know, you're way too young for that), you know these popular movies, turning 30 in 2013.

Say hello....

to a little movie called, "Scarface." The most popular movie of 1983 (according to IMDB) still haunts us today. Al Pacino played Tony Montana in Brian De Palma's bloody, shoot-em-up flick about the American dream gone bad thanks to greed. Oliver Stone tackled the same issues, without the blood four years later with "Wall Street." It's thirty years later, what have we learned? Maybe the "Risky Business" model was just sexier.

The Star Wars clubhouse....

While "Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi" may make you wax nostalgic, the Disney connection should have you running scared. What tricks will Mickey Mouse have up his sleeve (or white glove) to celebrate the 30th birthday of one a movie with a domestic lifetime gross of $309,306,177?

Gangman, 80s style

Before Gangland style went viral, there was a whole other style of "Gangman." Cute teen boys like Tom Cruise , Matt Dillon, and Emilio Estevez dressed up in 1950s rebel gear (read: white t-shirts, leather coats and jeans rolled at the ankles) and fought in gangs in two popular movies: " The Outsiders " and "Rumblefish."

The devil wears 80s fashion

Big, bright and bold are the best ways to describe what passed for style in 1983. While movies like "The Outsiders" and "Rumblefish" relied on 50s fashion like "Grease" did in 1978, some movies were all about the 1980s. If you wanted to look good, you copied the looks from these popular 1983 movies: "Valley Girl" and "Flashdance."

Total classics

It doesn't matter that these movies turn 30 today. They are movie that are still entertaining

and have earned a permanent spot on your entertainment shelf. We can still laugh at Chevy Chase in "Vacation" or Monty Python in "The Meaning of Life." Or break out the tissues for a double feature of "The Big Chill" and "Terms of Endearment."

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