Movie Redheads that Kick Butt Like Merida from ‘Brave’

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"Brave" kicked butt at the box office over the weekend, and Pixar's latest followed in the footsteps of "The Hunger Games" by featuring a strong female lead. However, while rebellious Merida wields a bow and arrow just like Katniss, she's got one thing going for her that Jennifer Lawrence's heroine didn't - an amazing head of red hair.

So in honor of Pixar's flame-haired female lead being such a success, here's a look back at some of the actresses who have rocked red hair to play butt-kicking babes in live-action movies:

Rachel Nichols as Scarlett in "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra"

Rachel's sexy Scarlett is another woman whose weapon of choice is a bow, but the gorgeous intelligence expert can't combat the Cobra organization with a primitive weapon -- she uses a high-tech crossbow instead. Scarlett might be just as much of a badass as the boys, but one of the most difficult foes she had to face was another foxy femme fatale - the beautiful Baroness (Sienna Miller).

Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow in "The Avengers"

Rachel's Scarlett and Scarlett's Black Widow have something in common besides their names and red manes - they both fight beside real American heroes in their movies. However, Captain America's suit is just a little flashier than the Joes' drab battle wear. The red-hot redheads might be equally attractive, but they're rather different when it comes to the way they view the world - science-loving Scarlett the soldier doesn't even believe that emotions are real at the beginning of "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra," while sly spy Black Widow knows how to manipulate men by acting emotional.

Famke Janssen as Jean Grey in the "X-Men" Movies

Jean Grey gives a whole new meaning to the term "fiery redhead" - she actually looks like she's on fire when her powers are unleashed and she becomes her unstable alter ego Phoenix. Poor Jean's psychic superpowers and her sex appeal make life rather tough for the mutant - in addition to being torn between two men, she plays the role of both villain and hero because of her extremely powerful and unpredictable alter ego.

Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy in "Batman & Robin"

But not all actresses who rock red hair do so in the name of good -- Uma's role as a villainous, venomous vixen was definitely one of the few bright points in this much-maligned movie. With her skintight suit, poisonous pout, and ravishing red hair, Poison Ivy seemed to make the perfect bat bait. It's just a shame that the goddess in green didn't win in the end -- the film would have been a lot better with that plot twist.

So which of these butt-kicking movie redheads do you like best? And is there one that we missed on this list? Sound off in the comments!

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