Mother’s Day 2012: Celebrity Moms Who Have Chosen Adoption

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Mother's Day is the time of the year to celebrate those unique moms who love their kids unconditionally. Now is the time to thank them! Many couples and single women choose to adopt and celebrities are no exception. Take a look at some famous moms who will most likely be celebrating Mother's Day with their beautiful adoptive kids.

Charlize Theron

This 36-year-old is a new mom to a beautiful baby boy who she adopted just this year. The blond beauty says that she is happy raising little Jackson on her own. "The Devil's Advocate" actress has been single since her break-up with Stuart Townsend in 2010 after a nine year relationship. She will appear alongside "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart this summer in "Snow White and The Huntsman." Charlize has the role of the evil queen. However, her new role as mommy is anything but evil.

Viola Davis

We are all familiar with Viola Davis, one of the talented stars of the award winning film, "The Help." What might not be as well-known is that she adopted a daughter named Genesis with husband Julius Tennon last October. That is quite a unique name they chose for their baby!

Sandra Bullock

After her highly public split from ex-husband Jesse James, "The Blind Side" actress chose to finalize the adoption of her adorable son, Louis on her own. Since her split with Jesse James, 47-year-old Sandra chose to raise him as a single parent. Mom and son have been out and about enjoying some quality time together recently. Ms. Bullock also just wrapped up her next project, "Gravity" with George Clooney.

Katherine Heigl

The star of "Life As We Know It" has many reasons to celebrate Mother's Day. She is married to musician Josh Kelley, and they also have a beautiful daughter that they adopted from South Korea back in 2009. Naleigh, who was born with a heart defect, had to undergo open heart surgery before she left for her permanent home with this famous celebrity couple. This little girl will soon have a baby sister! The 33-year-old actress and her handsome guy will be adopting another little girl soon. Congrats to the expanding family!

Kirstie Alley

"Cheers" star Kirstie Alley adopted her two children, William True and Lillie Price, when she was married to actor Parker Stevenson. The couple has since divorced. Kirstie suffered a miscarriage back in 1990 which might have led to this important decision to adopt. Thanks to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, the 61-year-old had their initials tattooed on her wrist for her birthday back in January.

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