Which Mother and Daughter Actresses Have Played the Same Roles in Movies?

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In honor of Mother's Day, it's the perfect time to take a look at a rare occurrence in Hollywood - when the daughters of famous actresses play younger versions of her mothers' characters in movies.

There are a lot of young actresses who look a little like their famous mothers, but it's hard to find a more striking resemblance than that between Eva Amurri and Susan Sarandon. In the June 15 comedy "That's My Boy," Eva will play a teacher who sleeps with one of her young students and gets pregnant with his child. That child grows up to be an immature, irresponsible father (Adam Sandler) who wreaks havoc in the life of his son (Andy Samberg) by showing up uninvited and trying to reconnect with him shortly before his wedding. Susan Sarandon will play the older version of Eva's teacher character.

This isn't the first time Susan has played a teacher that has seduced with a student - she portrayed a similar character on "30 Rock" as Frank's former educator/lover who reminds him of his mother.

This also isn't the first time that Eva has played a younger version of one of Susan's characters in a movie. In the 1995 film "Dead Man Walking," Susan plays a nun who develops a special relationship with a condemned killer, and Eva has a small part playing her character as a child. Susan won a Best Actress Oscar for her performance, and here's a fun fact: Sister Helen Prejean, the real-life nun that Susan portrayed in the movie, officiated the wedding of Eva and soccer commentator Kyle Martino last year. Eva and Susan will star together again in the movie "Mother's Day," which is another big ensemble movie set during a holiday that follows 12 sets of mothers and daughters over the course of a single Mother's Day.

Surprisingly Eva isn't the only actress who has played a younger version of one of her mother's movie characters more than once. Meryl Streep was pregnant with her daughter Mamie Gummer when she accepted her Best Actress Oscar for "Sophie's Choice," so it's not surprising that Mamie has been a part of her movie career ever since. Mamie's foray into films began with her playing a younger version of her mother's character in the 1983 movie "The House of the Spirits," and she went on to do the same in the 2007 movie "Evening."

Meryl and Mamie's "Evening" costar Vanessa Redgrave also got to act alongside one of her daughters in the movie, Natasha Richardson. It's an experience that Vanessa probably cherishes since Natasha died in 2009 from a head injury she sustained after a skiing accident. However, she did her best to move on after the tragedy by staying busy - last year she and her other daughter Joely Richardson starred as Queen Elizabeth at different ages in "Anonymous," a movie that explores the origins of the works of William Shakespeare. So right now there are very few mother and daughter actresses who have played the same character in a movie, but maybe we'll see more of it in the future - it's not hard to picture Shiloh Jolie-Pitt playing a young version of one of Angelina Jolie's characters in a movie, or Suri Cruise doing the same alongside Katie Holmes. So which other young celebrity daughters of today do you think could play the same movie characters as their mothers?

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