The Most Revealing Outfits from Past MTV Video Music Awards

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The Most Revealing Outfits from Past MTV Video Music Awards

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Rose McGowan has certainly stepped up her style game since she hit the VMAs alongside Marilyn Manson …

The 2012 MTV Video Music Awards took place on September 6 and we can't help but reminisce about past fashions worn on the red carpet. When it comes to the ensembles at the event, it's no holds barred and over the years they seem to have gotten more outlandish. While quite a few celebs do it for attention, there are some who genuinely want to rock their style. There are those, however, who have no qualms about showing the world their goods. Let's take a look back at some of the most revealing outfits from past VMA awards ceremonies.

Rose McGowan

We're not exactly sure what would possess someone to walk out of the house basically naked, but maybe Rose made her decision because she was worried her boyfriend, Marilyn Manson, would steal all the attention. At the 1998 VMAs, she wore a sheer metal covering that showed almost everything in the front - including her leopard print thong - and left nothing to the imagination in the back solely because there was no fabric. Her style has since improved as has her taste in men. The couple split in 2001 after dating for three years.

Lil Kim

The rapper is known for her out there fashion sense, and at the 1999 VMAs, she certainly put quite a bit of herself on display with her purple jumpsuit. The outfit covered her entire body except for the upper left part of her chest and her left arm. In place of the missing fabric was a pastie over her left breast and pieces of fabric attached to her arm. She also decided to color-coordinate her hair with her ensemble by sporting a purple wig.


Wearing clothes out in public is so overrated, at least according to Ice-T's wife. While attending the 2005 VMAs, she wore a black one-sleeve "dress" with a black thong, strappy heels and a huge choker. The blonde went with no bra and no lining, just straight up lady parts for all eyes to see. Her husband was also in attendance, but he wore a lot more clothing and opted for a yellow suit.

Christina Aguilera

The songstress was still going through her "Dirrty" years back in 2002 when she attended the MTV VMAs. That explains her choice in outfit. It looks as if she grabbed a scarf on her way out, threw it around her chest, put a hat on and ran out the door. The denim skirt was so tiny we're guessing sitting, bending down or anything else that involved movement was impossible without her exposing her backside. At the time, she was sporting her horrific two-toned blonde-and-black stringy hair.

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