The Most Inspiring Words at O You, Oprah's Famed Convention!

Oprah Winfrey, Suze Orman, Dr. Phil McGraw and More at This Year's Motivational Conference

The Most Inspiring Words at O You, Oprah's Famed Convention!

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Oprah Winfrey

O You!, a full-day conference sponsored by O magazine, took place on Saturday, October 20, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It featured the magazine's editor-at-large, and Oprah Winfrey's BFF, Gayle King as well as some of Winfrey's best known experts.

Financial adviser Suze Orman and motivational speaker Dr. Phil McGraw talked first to the thousands of women attending, with a few men sprinkled in. They kicked off the day dedicated to helping people live their best lives.

The afternoon was filled with smaller sessions. Peter Walsh talked about getting organized. Dr. Laura Berman discussed healthy relationships. And Martha Beck connected peacefulness with productivity. There were also booths for all the sponsors. Attendees stood in liens to get Lugg bags, Sally Hansen gel manicures and Paul Mitchell hairstyles.

On the center stage "One Day at A Time's" Valerie Bertinelli talked about her experience as a spokesperson for Jenny Craig. Other events in this locale covered home design, entertaining, women's health and managing your finances. Plus all the experts were on hand to sign their books at the O You! Barnes and Noble Bookstore. Each speech was more inspiring than the next. Here are the most inspirational quotes from the day.

Gayle King

"There's always going to be someone cuter, smarter, richer, thinner than you and you have to learn to feel good about yourself."

Suze Orman

"When you lose something in your life, stop thinking it's a loss… It's a gift that you've been given so you can get on the right path for to where you're meant to go, not to where you think you should've gone."

Dr. Phil

"One year from today your life is going to be better or worse than it is today. It is not going to be the same. You'll be happier or sadder, fatter or skinnier, richer or poorer… The question is, what are you going to do to determine what that is?"

Valerie Bertinelli

"When you lose weight you're not just losing numbers on the scale but you are making yourself a healthier human being and that is priceless."

Iyanla Vanzant

"Do you know why the road curves as you're driving along? It curves because if God showed us the distance from where we are to where we're going, we'd think it was too far. So in her wisdom, God put curves in the road so you only see a little bit at a time. Do what's on your road today. Don't worry about next week, next month. Today is your day. Handle what you can handle today."

Oprah Winfrey

"What I care about is being able to speak to an audience, to speak to you in such a way that you understand that your life matters. Who you are matters. What you do with your life matters. What you take upon yourself and how you show yourself every day and how you present yourself matters."

"So may people waste time wanting a life that doesn't belong to you, wanting a life that isn't really yours, instead of claiming the privilege of a lifetime that it is to be you… So I figured out I'm never going to be Diana Ross… but I can be a really good me."

"Someone on Twitter said to me, 'You talk so much about God, that's why your network is struggling.' And I said. 'Say that to my face.' First of all, let me say to the world, "We're not struggling anymore."

"Never give anybody any more than they are able to earn themselves… They don't know what it is so they have no respect for it and no regard for it. You get to decide how you manage them. You can't be taken advantage of unless you allow it."

"[People are] hung up thinking that because we speak of passion and calling, you're supposed to have it now... It means you create the vision for where it is you want to go and you do what you have to do, until you can do what you can do. Just because you're not doing everything you want to be doing right now, does not mean you're not fulfilling your calling. Because every step you take to get to the vision that you own is a part of the process."

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