The Most Awkward Moments from Juan Pablo’s ‘Bachelor’ Premiere

Juan Pablo’s Quirky Contestants Kick Off a Crazy Season

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The Most Awkward Moments from Juan Pablo’s ‘Bachelor’ Premiere

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Juan Pablo Galavis may be the hottest "Bachelor" star yet, but his serial dating debut got off to an awkward start. The Latino hunk made his way through a limo fleet of hippies and hot prosecutors (one clever contestant even sported a prosthetic baby bump!), but it wasn't exactly smooth sailing to the first rose ceremony. Check out these awkward moments from "The Bachelor" Season 18 premiere.

Piano problems

Gimmicks, these girls had a few. During the limo meet and greet, Juan Pablo had his heart examined by a nurse, a soccer ball kicked at him, a fishhook gifted to him (because, er, he's a big catch), and a real dog licking at him. While JP's lack of small talk skills resulted in plenty of awkward pauses, musician Lauren S. hit a wrong note -- literally -- when she pulled up on a piano bike and hit the wrong key. Suffice it to say, these two kids probably won't be making beautiful music together.

Massage massacre

Tip #1: Don't scare The Bachelor! That's what overeager masseuse Amy J. did. While JP agreed to a mid-cocktail party rub down complete with essential oils (and through his suit jacket, no less), he later revealed, "The massage was pretty awkward." What wasn't awkward? Seeing this manhandling masseuse walk out the door!

Can you at least feign excitement?

Juan Pablo raved about opera singer Sharleen's dress, but he seemed oblivious to her chilly attitude. After revealing that it would be hard to give the first impression rose because he had 27 good first impressions, for some reason Juan doled out the highly coveted stem to the most uninterested woman in the bunch. Admitting (to the cameras, anyway) that she wasn't feeling that instant chemistry with JP ("If I'm totally honest… it seemed a little forced," she said), the gorgeous brunette added, "What matters to me is either I feel something or I don't - and it's a little early for me." Sure, she accepted the rose, but not until she took a ridiculously long pause to think it over.

Crying game

What's a surefire way to get sent packing on the first night? Waste your precious one on one time with "The Bachelor" crying about your ex-fiance, and saying things like, "This is kind of breaking me." Yep, Lauren H. found that one out the hard way. After the 25-year-old tearfully recounted the story of how her ex called her at work to break off their engagement, she later said she hoped she didn't mess up her chances with Juan Pablo because she thinks they'd make a great match. Hmm, a bubbly Latino with a blubbering Lauren? We say no -- and so did JP.

A thorny rose ceremony

Now, this was a first! Come rose ceremony time, 23-year-old interior designer Kylie stepped up to accept her flower, only to find that Juan Pablo didn't actually call her name! Host Chris Harrison explained the rose ceremony snafu to TV Guide, saying, "It was horrible. It was late and he has an accent and he whispers, so he whispers 'Kat' who is standing right behind Kylie and he looks right at Kylie, so she starts stepping forward and he's like, 'Kat.' She was mortified. The only thing that made it worse was the fact that she didn't get a rose. So not only did she step out and get embarrassed, but she was sent home."

"The Bachelor" Season 18 airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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