Most Anticipated Films of 2012 Starring the Hottest Celebs - Daniel Day Lewis, Edward Norton, and More!

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Daniel Day Lewis as Honest Abe - 3 Reasons This Film May Be Oscar-Worthy

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Daniel Day-Lewis (pictured in New York in December 2007) unwisely took the lead role in the musical "Nine." …

The 2012 Oscar nominations were released this week only proving one thing about Hollywood: 2011 was not their best year for movies.

Sure, some great films were released like "The Artist" and "Drive" (which was snubbed by the academy) but overall the year was full of duds including movies like "No Strings Attached" that was literally replicated only a couple of months after in "Friends With Benefits."

This year proves to be an exciting year in film with many of our favorite Hollywood celebs starring in several anticipated films (according to us).

Daniel Day Lewis

If you've seen the pictures of Daniel in character as Abraham Lincoln then you probably have a good idea just how awesome "Lincoln" is going to be. Daniel has reportedly stayed in character as Lincoln since last March and the cast sheet on set doesn't even include DDL's real name but instead only says Lincoln. Between DDL, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Tommy Lee Jones, this is guaranteed to be one of the best movies of the year.

Joaquin Phoenix

Paul Thomas Anderson, the director behind "There Will Be Blood" is back after five years and so is legendary Hollywood weirdo Joaquin Phoenix. In "The Master" also starring Phillip Seymour Hoffman, the film loosely portrays Ron L. Hubbard's life, the founder of Scientology. If we know anything about Anderson's films it's that they're usually masterpieces and the fact Joaquin is also in the film makes us dying to go see this.

Robert Pattinson (And no, not "Twilight")

Sorry Twi-hards, we're pretty bored with the "Twilight" series. Luckily, Rob Pattinson proves he's looking for a real acting career and this year he stars in David Cronenberg's new film "Cosmopolis," adapted from a novel about a day in the life of a young billionaire. The film stars other major heavy hitters including Paul Giamatti and Juliette Binoche. We're just happy to see Rob in a role without glitter.

Daniel Craig

We loved seeing Daniel in "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and it was just enough to keep us content until his next Bond movie "Skyfall" came out. Daniel is definitely our favorite Bond of all time and starring next to Javiar Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, and Dame Judy Dench this movie is sure to be one of the best action packed films of the year.

Edward Norton

Ed has been keeping a pretty low profile in Hollywood lately but in 2012 he stars alongside many great actors in the new Wes Anderson flick, "Moonrise Kingdom." In the all star cast including Bruce Willis, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman and others the film is about a pair of lovers that escape their New England town, which then causes a local search party to go and find them.

Joseph Gordon Levitt

We loved "Brick" so when we heard the director was making another film with JGL and Hollywood bad boy Bruce Willis, we were stoked. "Looper" is a sci-fi thriller about a hitman with a contract on his future self. Hopefully this movie won't flop like "Brothers Bloom," the director's last film, but we have a pretty good feeling JGL and Bruce will make this a hit.

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