Morgan Freeman Falls Asleep During TV Interview: Other Celebs Who’ve Dozed Off in Weird Places

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Are we keeping you up, Morgan?

Oscar winning actor Morgan Freeman was caught dozing off during a live TV interview, while he was supposed to be listening to his "Now You See Me" co-star Michael Caine yap about the movie's cool special effects.

E Online posted video of the 75-year old actor closing his eyes and bobbing his head during an interview with Seattle's Q13 Fox News. And while Freeman may have just been resting his eyes, it sure looks like he's trying to catch up on some Zs during the early morning interview.

Check out these other celebs who've been caught sleeping in strange places.

Martha Stewart

Last month domestic diva Martha Stewart attempted to take in a Jerry Seinfeld comedy show, but her laughs turned into a nap. According to the New York Post, a spectator at the show snapped a pic of the sleeping celeb (dang smart phones!), and when asked about her impromptu snooze, Stewart said, "Can't go anywhere! I did catch myself doze off -- nothing to do with the great comedy of Seinfeld -- must have been the 5 a.m. wake-up call for the 'Today' show that morning! And the back-to-back meetings all day."

James Franco

Actor James Franco's 2012 guest appearance at a Johns Hopkins University movie Q&A session was a real sleeper. "The Broken Tower" star" slumped in his chair and appeared to doze off while holding a microphone during the event. But maybe it's just something about universities. The year before, the actor was photographed dead asleep during a class he was taking at Colombia University. But Franco's assistant told NY Mag the pic wasn't from one of the star's scheduled classes, but instead was from an extra lecture he was sitting in on after a full day of work.

Lamar Odom

And talk about a bench warrant! Earlier this year, NBA star/Kardashian husband Lamar Odom dozed off during his child support hearing. In Touch Weekly posted pics of the 33-year old basketball pro's date with Mr. Sandman in a New York City court hallway, in which the 6'10' star sprawled out on a bench for a power nap. According to the New York Post, a court officer told Odom, "I need you to sit up."

Katie Holmes

Last fall, actress Katie Holmes apparently needed to catch up on her sleep during a subway ride in New York. But don't worry, the busy (and apparently tired) single mom kept her hands tight on 6-year old daughter Suri while sleep-riding on the crowded train car.

Justin Bieber

Never say never -- to some shut eye! Justin Bieber tried to stay up past midnight for a late night screening of "The Hunger Games," but it was past his bedtime! During an interview on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS FM radio show, the teen pop star reportedly said, "I went at 12:45 and fell asleep because it was so late and I had worked all day. I thought it was cool to go to a 12:45 premiere, but it was a two-hour movie."

Honey Boo Boo

And it looks like Honey Boo Boo was out of go-go juice! In 2012, the 6-year old reality star fell asleep -- well, sort of -- during a TV interview with Dr. Drew. When the good doc asked her, "Is it difficult to be on TV?" the restless reality star pretended to fall asleep, even incorporating fake snores into her routine. She "woke up" in time to declare that no, she doesn't like to be on TV, and added, "My fans come up to me and I hate it!" Oh well, at least that was better than the part of the interview where she almost slapped Dr. Drew.

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