More Women Asking Plastic Surgeons for the 'Kate Middleton Nose'

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More Women Asking Plastic Surgeons for the 'Kate Middleton Nose'

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Kate Middleton

We love Kate Middleton as much as the next person, but we wouldn't go under the knife to look like her.

Apparently other women are, though: Plastic surgeons around the world,especially in the United States and the United Kingdom, are getting more and more women asking for the "Kate Middleton nose."

Yes, seriously.

"They are looking for a natural nose on a beautiful woman and the Duchess is in the news all the time," Dr. Thomas Romo III of Manhattan's Lenox Hill Hospital said recently.

"Before her, we used to get a lot of people wanting Jennifer Aniston's nose, but now Kate Middleton is everywhere and everyone admires her nose."

The reason? It's "regal' and looks good on adult women.

We're all for embracing our own bodies, but women should do whatever makes them happy. Let's just hope they stop at the nose and don't go overboard like these people.

Demi Moore

British woman Lisa McConnell had one wish after she found out she inoperable brain cancer: To look like Demi Moore before she died.

McConnell planned to spend $60,000 to get the surgery, but no one in her life wanted her to do it.

"I really don't want Lisa to put herself through this. She is a beautiful girl and she doesn't need the surgery," her mother told the U.K. Mirror in 2009.

Moore - no stranger to the plastic surgeon herself - also wanted to tell her to save her money.

"Wish I could contact this woman Lisa Connell who wants to have surgery to look like me & encourage her to not to! She is a beautiful girl!" she tweeted at the time.

Jessica Alba

In 2009, Chinese woman Xiaoqing told the Shangai Daily that she planned to get plastic surgery to look exactly like actress Jessica Alba.

The reason? Her ex-boyfriend had a huge thing for the actress and wanted his girlfriend to look like her.

"He was always telling me to do my make-up like Jessica does, even when I'm asleep," she told the Chinese newspaper, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

"At Christmas time he gave me a blonde wig to wear and asked me to keep it on all the time," adding that she hoped to win him back with the surgery.

Oh, honey: He's not worth it.

Michael Jackson

British woman Mikki Jay is so dedicated to her job as a Michael Jackson impersonator that she's spent nearly $15,000 to look like the late King of Pop.

But, she's always looked like him, she said.

"When Michael released his Bad album in 1987, people started saying I looked like him," she told the U.K. magazine Closer. "His skin was very pale, and because I was going through a goth phase, I'd wear lots of eyeliner, like him.

The surgery tally so far? Two nose jobs, a chin implant and cheek implants - and she planned to get more when she was interviewed in 2008.

Wonder if she went through with it after he died?

Tell us: Would you ever get plastic surgery to copy Kate Middleton's nose or any other celebrity body part?

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