'Modern Family' Star Ariel Winter and Other Celebrities Estranged from Their Parents

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'Modern Family' Star Ariel Winter and Other Celebrities Estranged from Their Parents

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LiLo is practically the poster child for parent drama.

Recently there were shocking headlines made regarding "Modern Family" star, Ariel Winter and abuse allegations toward her mother, leading to a judge granting her sister Shanelle Workman temporary guardianship of Winter while the allegations are investigated. Both sides are claiming bad behavior with Winter's declaration stating her mother was cruel and attempted to sexualize her, while her mother fought back saying that Ariel was seeking revenge because she had forced her to end an inappropriate relationship with an 18-year-old man.

Winter isn't the only celebrity to have issues with her parent. In fact, it isn't unusual for stars, especially child actors, to have issues with their parents. Here's a look at three other stars who have had parental problems of their own.

Lindsay Lohan

It seems as if a week doesn't go by without some kind of public drama between Lindsay and her parents, most recently a spat with her mother Dina over money. That same week law enforcement was called to her home because her father Michael was hoping to stage some kind of intervention which led Lindsay to declare father Michael, "dead" to her. Now with new legal problems potentially brewing from her car accident last summer, it seems like even more family drama is sure to play out in the press.

Jennifer Aniston

While incredibly close to her father, Aniston hasn't spoken to her mother, Nancy Dow, in more than a decade. Jennifer was upset that her mother gave an interview that gave too many details of her life, made even worse after Dow wrote a book in 1999. The two did reconcile and begin talking again in 2005 after her public split from Brad Pitt, and Dow is rumored to be invited to Jennifer's wedding to Justin Theroux, after not being invited to her wedding to Pitt in 2000.


Grammy-winning singer Adele has been very outspoken about how she feels about her father, Mark Evans. Evans walked out on Adele and her mother when the singer was just two years old, and did not have a role in her upbringing. While he has gone to the press to express his regret for not being in his daughter's life, Adele has said in several interviews that she does not want a relationship with her father and the door is closed for good, going so far as to say if she ever saw him again she'd, "spit in his face."

So as you can see, Ariel Winter's parent drama isn't the only Hollywood case. She unfortunately joins a pretty long list of celebrities who have had their fair share of problems with their parents. What do you think causes this? Is the limelight, fame and fortune to blame?

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