Missy Elliott Releases Two New Singles This Labor Day—Five of Her Biggest Hits

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Missy Elliott Releases Two New Singles This Labor Day—Five of Her Biggest Hits

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Missy Elliott

Some artists are one hit wonders; some hang around for decades saturating the industry with their projects, business ventures and public appearances. Other artists take a sabbatical after their popularity subsides, only to resurface and pick up right where they left off.

We could say the same for rapper/singer Missy Elliott, who (due to personal reasons) fell off Hollywood's radar for a few years.

But she never really disappeared. And, if her two latest singles, "9th Inning" and "Triple Threat" are any indication of her intent to illuminate what's perceived as a fading position in the hip-hop world, we just might be in for a treat. Slated for a Labor Day release, perhaps these two songs could represent a major comeback for Elliott. But that doesn't mean we can't savor her most popular hits to date…

"The Rain" - ("Supa Dupa Fly", 1997)

This Timbaland-produced groove paid homage to Ann Peebles, whose vocal sample, "I can't stand the rain…", is heard throughout the song as the hook. Missy twisted Peebles' classic tune into an even catchier hip-hop mantra.

"Beep Me 911" - ("Supa Dupa Fly", 1997)

One of Missy's claims to fame is that she can actually sing. For this song, Elliott showcased her silky vocals (along with R&B group 702) over Timbaland's choppy percussion in this love ditty. (Yes, boys and girls--once upon a time, beepers were actually in fashion.)

"Get Ur Freak On" - ("Miss E…So Addictive", 2001)

Missy put a little Indian flavor onto this track and the results were astonishing. The club anthem from her third studio album became an instant international success, even highlighting "The 40 Year-Old Virgin's" hilarious Drunk Driver scene with actress Leslie Mann.

"Work it" - ("Under Construction", 2002)

Missy's "Under Construction" album is responsible for the monster hit that was "Work it." Considered her most successful single (and album) thus far, the song is noted for the "flipping and reversing" of her vocal execution. Millions were confused by some of the song's garbled lyrics; but they were simply played backwards.

"Lose Control" - ("The Cookbook", 2005)

She returned to her aggressively danceable roots in "Lose Control," this time bringing Ciara along for the ride. The song itself pays respect to electro music's heavy-hitting rhythms. The video, which features a progressive re-styled hip-hop line dance, was nominated for multiple MTV Video Music Awards, and even earned a Grammy. And unlike most of her previous work, Timbaland's production was notably absent from the song.

But Tim returns, having produced "Triple Threat"; a leaked snippet of a live performance reveals that his break-beat influence is still in effect. Will Elliott's new singles deliver the same punch as her previous work? It's likely; the snippet is so far garnering rave reviews from long time fans.

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