Mira Sorvino Lands Pilot: Other Stars with New Shows on the Horizon

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Mandy Moore will be hitting the small screen this year!

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Mandy Moore will be hitting the small screen this year!

Actress Mira Sorvino is the latest big star to land a gig in an upcoming television pilot. The Oscar winning actress will take on the lead role in "Trooper," an upcoming pilot from CBS. With the television season winding down, networks are gearing up to find shows that can be huge hits in the fall. Not surprisingly, they are looking for established stars to help lure viewers. Sorvino is just the latest to land a job on an upcoming show. Here is a look at some other stars that are gearing up for the pilot season.

Martin Lawrence

The controversial comedian will make his return to sitcom television with an untitled project for the pilot season. The actor will play a widowed father of two that decides to join the police academy in an effort to land a job. It sounds like an intriguing premise and Lawrence is a proven television star. This could wind up being a big hit. Maybe he will find the same luck he had with his long running show "Martin" years ago.

Lucy Liu

The "Charlie's Angel" star will take on a role that many actors have played in the past. However, she will be adding a new twist to the character. Liu will play a female version of Watson, the assistant to star detective Sherlock Holmes in the drama "Elementary." Jonny Lee Miller will play the lead character. There have been many variations on the Sherlock Holmes story over the years, including a major franchise still going on in movies. Could this show be a little too much for fans right now? If it is, it won't be because of the talented cast.

Mandy Moore

The singer turned actress has flexed her comedy chops in the past. We have seen her do some brilliant guest spots on shows like "Scrubs" and "Entourage." Now the actress will be asked to take on a starring role. She will appear in the ABC comedy "Us and Them." The announcement was made back in October.

Roseanne Barr

It feels like forever since the comedian's self-named television show ended its long run. She will return to the small screen with a pilot called "Downwardly Mobile." Roseanne will do work in front of and behind the camera for the NBC show. As a bonus, reports are hinting that John Goodman could be joining the cast. That would be quite a reunion for fans of her original show. With stars like that onboard this could be the hit that NBC desperately needs.

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