Minka Kelly's Sex Tape - Stars Who've Done Well Post- Sex Scandal

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Minka Kelly is one up and coming actress who probably doesn't want to admit her latest film credentials.

The "Friday Night Lights" actress is in the midst of a sex scandal involving a video tape that was filmed in 1998 with an old ex-boyfriend. Sex scandals and celebs seem to go hand in hand in Hollywood but the problem with this tape? Minka may have been underage at the time the video was shot.

TMZ is reporting Brandy's "Never Say Never" album plays in the background of the sex tape, an album that was released in early June of 1998, a little over two weeks before Minka's 18th birthday.

As a star that's trying to gain credibility in the film industry with her new movie "The Butler" playing Jackie Kennedy the sex tape is coming at a terrible time. At the same time, does the soundtrack to one's sexcapades necessarily mean the star was underage? People listen to music, new and old, all the time, including when they're trying to get in the mood. How can anyone know for sure when the video was filmed and is it fair to say the star was underage simply because of the release date of a CD she was listening to?

We're not exactly buying these speculations of underage video play.

Although Minka is probably mortified this video has been released there's still hope for her career. Let's take a look at other celebs who managed to bounce back from public sex scandals.

Kim Kardashian

Okay, so Kim isn't exactly the best role model but you have to give it to the girl - no one would know who she was if her sex tape with singer Ray J hadn't put her name and face in the media. She turned a public embarrassment into a multi-million Kardashian empire and turned the potentially career scarring scandal into a positive opportunity that led her to her reality fame.

Camille Grammer

We might know Camille as the scorned celebrity wife on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" but once upon a time Camille was a soft core porn star! Yup, that's right. The blonde reality star filmed two soft core pornos in the '90s. Hmm...do you think that's how Kelsey Grammer took notice of her? Either way, Camille found reality fame during her divorce to the TV star and her porno past is long behind her.

Pamela Anderson

The "Baywatch" babe has always been known for her body but people were able to get up close and personal to Pam when her sex tape with husband Tommy Lee was stolen and leaked to the public. Many thought this would ruin her reputation but instead it only prompted her popularity as an American sex icon.

Vanessa Hudgens

Disney star Vanessa was extremely embarrassed when several nude photos were leaked of her a few years ago. Many fans and parents were outraged over the nude pics of their teen role model but luckily, the scandal didn't kill Vanessa's career. The actress will release two movies this year and two movies in 2013 proving she could easily bounce back from the situation.

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