Minka Kelly Turned Down Jake Gyllenhaal - Other Women He Should Date

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Jake Gyllenhaal asked Minka Kelly out on a date last fall and was turned down. Minka said she rejected the 31-year-old because she was trying to patch things up with her on-and-off beau, Derek Jeter. That's too bad for Jake because Minka is a very pretty lady. However, he is a handsome guy, so he definitely still has his pick of the ladies.

Here are several women the blue-eyed cutie should think about dating:

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway has come a long way since her "Princess Diaries" days. With her long brown hair, porcelain complexion and bold eyebrows, Anne is a classic beauty. The 29-year-old seems like the kind of woman who speaks her mind and is not afraid to be herself. Anne and Jake seemed to have a lot of chemistry on the set of "Love and Other Drugs." They should get together one day and see if they rekindle some of the sparks they felt.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively,24, is arguably one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood right now. But that isn't the only reason Jake should date her. The "Gossip Girl" star seems very down-to-earth and friendly. Blake also doesn't seem like the typical pretty girl who fusses over her appearance constantly. I bet she's not afraid to play sports with the guys or go out of the house without makeup.

Demi Moore

It's no surprise that Demi Moore likes younger men. The 49-year-old was with Ashton Kutcher for years and he is more than 15 years younger than her. So why wouldn't she go for someone like Jake? He is certainly just as handsome as Ashton. It wouldn't hurt Jake to go out with a more mature woman like Demi. And it's not like she actually looks like she's anywhere near 50. In fact, she has gotten better with age!

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