Minka Kelly Sex Tape Rumors: What This Means for Her Career

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Looks like we could be seeing quite a bit more of Minka Kelly.

The 32-year-old "Charlie's Angels" actress is making headlines for her performance in a different sort of movie: a sex tape. According to reports, the video was leaked without Kelly's permission and is currently being shopped around to potential buyers. The 30-minute-long scene was allegedly filmed a number of years ago in New Mexico, and the footage supposedly shows the young actress having sex with an ex-boyfriend.

According to TMZ, " The tape is shot in a semi-professional manner. The camera is secured by a tripod and hooked up to a TV monitor, so both Minka and the BF can watch the action they create." They add that Minka is "very aware of the camera." Guess that blows the whole "I didn't know he was taping it!" excuse.

Kelly is best known for her role in the TV series "Friday Night Lights" and for dating Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. She is the daughter of Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay, though she was raised by her mother Maureen Dumont, an exotic dancer.

As embarrassing as the video may (or may not?) be, Kelly is hardly the first celeb to have her private moments made very, very public. Unfortunately, while plenty of high-profile celebs have made it through naked picture scandals, not too many A-list stars have seen their careers blossom in the wake of a leaked sex tape. Here's a look at some types of "stars" who have been in Kelly's shoes.

The "I'm Famous for Nothing" Group

Back in 2001, celebrity wanna-be Paris Hilton made a sex tape with then-boyfriend Rick Salomon. Titled "1 Night in Paris," the tape was released in 2003, supposedly against Hilton's will, though she eventually received a portion of the profits. She then milked her 5 minutes of fame for all it was worth, creating perfumes, writing books, and starring in her own reality show. "The Simple Life."

Falling into the same category, Kim Kardashian became a known name in 2007 after Vivid Entertainment released the 2003 sex tape she made with then-boyfriend Ray-J. Eight months later, the professional celebrity had her own reality show, "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," and has since capitalized on her ill-found fame, launching everything from fragrances and clothing to purses and home furnishings.

The "My Career is Dying" Group

Former "Saved by the Bell" star Dustin Diamond (better known as Screech) attempted to boost his career - and his bank account - by cashing in on a sex tape. After selling T-shirts to keep his home from being repossessed, the actor said, "I can spend a fortune fighting [the release of the tape] or I can try and make a fortune." Good luck.

Former "Survivor" contestant Jenna Lewis shared her wedding night with the world when her sex tape was posted on the internet. In 2004, Lewis (then 26 and a mother of two) eloped to Las Vegas with 21-year-old model Travis Wolfe. Though the pair initially claimed that the video was stolen from their home, they were later revealed to have sold it themselves, making a reported $70,000 in profits.

The "Oh Crap" Group

Carrie Prejean, who was formerly Miss California USA, discontinued her legal battle with pageant officials in November 2009, when they received an "extremely graphic" home video featuring the beauty queen. Prejean lost her crown in June 2009 for an alleged breach of contract, when racy, lingerie-modeling photos emerged.

Though the embarrassment of a sex tape was the least of John Edwards' problems, the video did come up during recent court proceedings. The tape, which was made in 2007 while Hunter was pregnant, reportedly shows Edwards "clowning around" and "graphically performing for the camera" which Rielle was holding. We're thinking that their poor daughter is going to require some serious therapy.

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