Miley Cyrus's Topless Rolling Stone Cover: Who Else Stripped for the Mag?

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Miley Cyrus's Topless Rolling Stone Cover: Who Else Stripped for the Mag?

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Miley Cyrus might retire the twerk

Miley Cyrus is continuing her quest to be as raunchy as possible by appearing topless on the cover of Rolling Stone. However, posing for the cover without a top on is a lot like twerking -- Miley isn't the first to do either of these things.

Miley's tongue is out for her cover photo (of course), and the caption reads, "Good Golly Miss Miley!" This is obviously a little tongue-in-cheek joke about the reference to the drug molly in her song "We Can't Stop."

Miley's Rolling Stone interview is full of interesting tidbits of info. The singer says that she's pals with Kanye West now; she reveals that Stephen Baldwin has a "Hannah Montana" tattoo; and she says that Billy Ray Cyrus smoked weed. Of course she also talks about her controversial twerking at the MTV Video Music Awards. "People are like, 'Miley thinks she's a black girl, but she's got the flattest a** ever,'" she says. "I'm like, I'm 108 pounds! I know! Now people expect me to come out and twerk with my tongue out all the time. I'll probably never do that s**t again."

MIley Cyrus isn't the only topless Rolling Stone cover girl who has managed to get everyone all riled up about a performance. Here's a look back at some of her pop predecessors:

Janet Jackson

Ms. Jackson appeared topless on a 1993 cover of Rolling Stone, so you'd think that the world wouldn't be surprised by the singer showing a little skin again. However, it will be hard for any performer to ever top the scandal that Janet caused when her right breast made an appearance during her performance with Justin Timberlake at the 2004 Super Bowl. "Nipplegate" was such a big deal that CBS and the FCC fought a legal battle over the wardrobe malfunction that didn't end until 2012.

Christina Aguilera

This "Dirrty" girl was sexing things up over a decade before Miley twerked on the VMAs stage. Aguilera appeared completely naked on a 2002 cover of Rolling Stone. However, she did use a blue guitar to keep things from getting X-rated. The singer is obviously comfortable in her own skin, so it shouldn't come as a shock that she once made this candid confession to Chelsea Handler: "I don't like to wear underwear. I like to be as free as possible at all times." It looks like the "Genie in a Bottle" singer's style might be rubbing off on Miley -- the naked wrecking ball rider has also tried this fashion trick.

Britney Spears

Before Miley twerked away with a giant foam finger, the three-way kiss between Christina, Britney, and Madonna was the most shocking moment in VMAs history. Britney appeared topless on the October 2003 cover of Rolling Stone, and she talked about "the kiss" and using controversy to gain fame. "I'm not gonna come out on this record and show my crotch or anything," she said. "That's not me. I would never do anything like that. It's all in the way you do stuff, all in the way you carry things. The music is most important to me." Somehow it just seems perfect that she and Miley recorded a song together.

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