Miley Cyrus Takes Nude Photos, Kisses Girls, and Drives Her Fiancé Crazy

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Miley Cyrus and Other Celebs Embrace Bondage Looks

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Can Liam Hemsworth tame Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus continues on her never-ending quest to prove to her fans that she can't be tamed.

But while the pop star has done plenty to make headlines, apparently she can just sit back and relax since other people are doing a pretty good job of getting publicity for her.

Wednesday night she was the target of a prank that wasn't filmed for the MTV show "Punk'd" - police swarmed her home in L.A. after receiving a call claiming that a kidnapping was in progress and that someone had been shot. Apparently the call turned out to be something called a "swatting" prank, which isn't as kinky as it sounds - basically a hoaxster makes up a story to try to get a SWAT team to bust down someone's door. The prank is no laughing matter since the jokester who called the cops could get charged with a crime.

And in other recent Miley news, a pal of the former "Hannah Montana" actress helped her snag a few more headlines by posting a "leaked" nude photo of the star online. Miley's photographer friend Vijat Mohindra posted the photo that features Miley naked in a bathtub on her website. All of Miley's bits and pieces are covered up in the pic, but she still might be a bit annoyed about it making rounds on the web since it was reportedly meant for fiancé Liam Hemsworth's eyes only.

Miley is certainly not shy about showing skin, so perhaps she's gearing up for a Playboy appearance. Late last month she dyed her hair blonde so that she can pull off "duckface" poses, and she rocked her lighter locks in a photo of herself checking out the October 1978 issue of Playboy, which features her godmother Dolly Parton on the cover. Now that Miley has a platinum mane, all she needs are a few cans of hairspray and a few wheelbarrows full of silicone to emulate her idol.

But luckily fans probably won't have to worry about Miley getting breast implants - if she wants to change her body, she'll probably just stick with getting yet another tattoo (perhaps one featuring a busty pinup girl?). Plus she's way too busy for the downtime that would be involved post-boob job.

And no, she's not super-busy working on a movie or album -- Miley would just go crazy if she couldn't walk around flashing her butt cheeks and other fleshy bits. Plus who wants to be at home in bed when they can be out kissing girls and taking tequila shots instead?

Unfortunately Miley's wild ways might be taking a toll on her fiancé - she's allegedly been driving Liam crazy while he films "Paranoia" in Philadelphia. Apparently she spends all day doing whatever she wants, only to pester her hard-working man with boring stories about her adventures when he's finished filming for the day. She allegedly wants to party and check out the local gay bars, but poor Liam is just too tuckered out to spend his downtime with drag queens.

Luckily for Liam, Miley has found a way to hang with the gays and keep herself entertained - she's admitted that she and some of her gay friends have been cyber-stalking One Direction singer Zayn Malik. It might not sound like the way that Liam would want his girlfriend to spend her day, but it's better than Miley getting so cozy in a pool with pal Cheyne Thomas that she sparks cheating rumors. Luckily Miley hasn't pulled a Kristen Stewart yet.

So do you think that Miley needs to try to tame her wild ways before she wears Liam out? Or does "The Hunger Games" hunk love her for being so energetic, spontaneous, and free with her body?

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