Miley Cyrus Needs a Makeover! How Can the Actress Upgrade Her Look?

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Miley Cyrus surprised the world when she announced her engagement to actor Liam Hemsworth. Previously, she seemed to stumbling down the troubled route of many post-Disney princesses. After she was busted smoking "salvia," Miley's dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, took to TV shows like "The View" to express his love, fear and concern for his little girl. When the child is also a family breadwinner, moments like this become even more difficult.

When Miley and Liam hooked up on the set off their film "The Last Song," her hubby-to-be seemed like a stabilizing force in her life. The Australian-born actor is 22 years old and hails from a family of actors. Perhaps this makes him well-equipped to deal with the trappings and pitfalls of Hollywood fame. Cyrus is two years younger than Liam and was born in Tennessee.

The "Hannah Montana" starlet's party days seem to be over, but her fashion nightmares continue. Miley's name was recently thrown into the hat as a possible "American Idol" judge. If she's going to be sitting beside diva Mariah Carey, certain fashion missteps won't do. Sure, Mariah's got her messy style moments as well, but the latest picture of Miley in "Pretty Woman" boots and shorts just don't cut it.

No need to despair. Miley is only 20 years old and there's still time for a turnaround. Many other actresses and personalities have made successful style switcheroos. Look at Nicole Richie's breathtaking before and after as the perfect example of a beauty finding her stylish footing.

So, how can Miley upgrade her look?


Hair is actually the one fashion area where Miley is currently shining. She is rocking a sleek, new blonde mane. Her lightened locks first came out to play last weekend. Cyrus joked on Twitter that now she has to pose with duck lips in every pic because that's what blondes do.


Miley is a pretty girl; even her haters and frenemies have to admit that. Despite rumors of a party past she still appears to be young and fresh faced. At times, however, her makeup verges on the trashy side. We vote for the fresh and pretty Miley. Keep the makeup light and natural.


Hannah Montana's doppelganger is always revealing a new tattoo. Her latest is a quote from a speech by President Theodore Roosevelt. We applause Miley's multi-tattooed bod. It may not be our choice, but we're big fans of freedom of expression and individuality. Rock on, Miles.

So, what do you think? Do you have style suggestions on how Miley can update her fashion look?

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