Mike Sorrentino’s Most Outrageous 'Jersey Shore' Situations

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Mike Sorrentino’s Most Outrageous 'Jersey Shore' Situations

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Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

MTV (and Hurricane Sandy) has effectively shut down the roller coaster ride that is "Jersey Shore." We've enjoyed six seasons of the highly addictive program, with Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino often stealing the limelight with his impressive abs. But his washboard stomach "situation" proved to be far less fascinating that the situations in which he found himself at the Shore. Here's proof that Mike's colorful scenarios often kept the show going.


In these early scrappy days of "Jersey Shore," the housemates certainly weren't afraid to use their fists to alleviate some tension. After binging on drinks during a fun-filled day trip to Atlantic City in Season 1, JWoww got sick and demanded that Mike leave his lady friend to escort her home. The reward for his refusal was a pop in the face by Jenni upon his arrival.

Boxing Angelina

It all started with one soiled sanitary product. Angelina, responsible for leaving the offensive item in one of the bathrooms, instantly became the target of Mike's annoyance. After being called a "dirty hamster" for her less than stellar hygiene practices, she finally had enough and followed Jenni's lead, punching Mike in the face for embarrassing her in front of friends. Her exit from the house came shortly after.

"Me against the wall…"

Things reached a boiling point in Florence when Mike involved himself in Ronnie and Sam's affairs. As he prepared for the knockout he was sure Ronnie would issue, he rammed himself headfirst into a concrete wall. The act of "bravery" cost him some dignity. But he earned a mild concussion and a neck brace as consolation prizes.


Blonde twins Brittany and Erica (featured in Season 4's Italy installment) provided endless entertainment and served as an ongoing gag for Mike. Although the roommates facilitated Brittany's tendency to pop up unannounced, Sorrentino always took the prank in stride-that is until Deena committed a sexy "robbery" with one of the twins…

Mike Goes Sober

You might not call Sorrentino's new sober status a "situation" per se. His cast mates praised his dedication to sobriety. But after a time, his newfound clarity began to grate on some of their nerves. Indeed, combined with Snooki's pregnancy (and separation from the house) Mike new attitude created a big impact on the house.

Off the Market

Throughout the entire show, we've watched Mike grow increasingly close with hook-up buddy Paula. The lithe brunette seemed to be his ideal match-so much so that he decided to "make it official" with her during Season 6. Effectively taking him off the grenade market, the decision was groundbreaking. But much to his housemates' chagrin, this "situation" found Mike feeling claustrophobic after just one day of commitment.

The Snooki Blowout

Things got rocky for Snooki once she settled down with boyfriend Jionni LaValle. Mike threatened to reveal that he and Nicole had a fling while she was dating Jionni. Multiple episodes were dedicated to the fallout of this little revelation. Ultimately, Mike's efforts found him in the doghouse with Nicole. Their relationship has never been the same.

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