Mickey Rourke Returns to Work: A Look at His Best Roles

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Mickey Rourke Returns to Work: A Look at His Best Roles

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Mickey Rourke is back at it again and hitting the big screen!

Actor Mickey Rourke is back to work after he recently reported to the set of "Black November." The political thriller will reunite the 59-year-old actor with Kim Basinger, his co-star from the infamous 1986 drama "9 ½ Weeks." That risky film solidified the actor as a major star, but he pursued a boxing career instead of capitalizing on it. It wasn't until the last decade that he established himself as a huge star once again. Despite turning down a number of major roles over the course of his career, Mickey has managed to play some memorable characters over the years. Here is a look at some of the best roles that the actor has had so far.

Randy Robinson - "The Wrestler"

In 2008, Mickey landed his greatest role when he played an aging professional wrestler that struggles with life outside of the ring. In the acclaimed film, Mickey showcased both his dramatic and physical talents to play Randy, and he was rewarded in the end. In addition to landing an Oscar nomination, the star also took home a Golden Globe and a BAFTA award. The actor drew from his own life in order to prepare for the role, even re-writing the dialogue to be more realistic.

Marv - "Sin City"

Though "The Wrestler" was his first leading role in nearly 20 years, Mickey's comeback really kicked into high gear when he played tough guy Marv in Robert Rodriguez's comic book hit "Sin City" in 2005. Despite sharing the screen with a cast of stars, his performance arguably stole the entire movie. The visual nature of the film might make him hard to recognize, but his voice and mannerisms shine through. The actor is in talks to reprise the role for an upcoming sequel, but nothing is official yet. Seeing how this character helped make him a bankable star again, it would be surprising if he didn't return.

Charlie - "The Pope of Greenwich Village"

Before he romanced Kim in the steamy "9 ½ Weeks," the actor made a name for himself in the gritty crime drama "The Pope of Greenwich Village." In the 1984 film, Charlie reluctantly gets mixed up with the mob in an effort to earn money to support his pregnant girlfriend. In a movie full of bad guys, Charlie's morally grounded nature provided some much-needed balance. The film was only mildly successful, but Mickey and his co-stars earned high praise from some prominent critics.

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