Mick Jagger Turns 70: Five Life Tips From the Bad Boy Rocker

The Rolling Stones Legend is a Wealth of Information when it Comes to Aging like a Rock Star

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Mick Jagger Turns 70: Five Life Tips From the Bad Boy Rocker

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Happy Birthday, Mick Jagger! The Rolling Stones frontman turns 70 on July 26, and with a full five decades of sex, drugs, and rock and roll under his belt, the singing septuagenarian has become a wealth of information when it comes to partying like a rock star -- and living to tell about it.

In honor of Mick's 70th, we give you a roundup of some of the rock and roll bad boy's best life tips:

If you want to stay trim, you've got to hit the gym! In an interview with The Sun, Mick said, "It's kind when people say how fit I look but there is no secret, I'm afraid. You have to do some work when you go over 30. Then you have to go to the gym." He later dished to Q Magazine about his formula for staying fit: "I alternate between gym work and dancing, then I do sprints, things like that. I'm training for stamina," he said. Ballet, pilates, and yoga routines are all on his regimen, as well as daily runs (several miles per day!), swimming, kickboxing, and cycling. The rocker also revealed that in addition to his six-days-a-week workouts, it's early to bed and early to rise on work nights. Ahead of a gig, the rocker says it's "bed early the night before, about 2 a.m., up at 10 a.m. the next morning." Huh? That's early?

Eat like Jagger. According to UK's Daily Mail, the "Gimme Shelter" singer's diet is carb heavy -- whole grain bread, potatoes, rice, beans, pasta -- chicken and fish for protein, and he loves to indulge in avocados "because of their regenerative qualities." In addition, he downs super juice smoothies for breakfast. But one thing the rocker drinks very little of is alcohol: "It's too debilitating to drink a lot, so I use other relaxation techniques," he said. "I sit on my own, calm down, take stock."

It's all right to be a knight. When some of his Rolling Stones band mates dissed his 2003 knighthood, Jagger dispensed these words of wisdom: "It's very nice to have honors given to you as long as you don't take it all too seriously." As for Keith Richards' sour grapes on the subject (he called Jagger's decision to accept the "paltry honor" nothing short of "ludicrous"), Mick said, "I think he would probably like to get the same honor himself… It's like being given an ice cream -- one gets one and they all want one." Yes, Sir!

Learn his 10 commandments. In 2012, Mick appeared on "The Late Show With David Letterman" and offered a Top 10 list of the things he's learned after 50 years in the rock 'n roll biz. Among the gems he delivered was: "Be considerate of other hotel guests -- trash your room by 10 p.m." and "Song royalties are great, but even they can't match the guaranteed cash flow of a reverse mortgage." You can see the entire list here.

Just say no -- to being a hypocrite. The rocker even has parenting advice! While promoting the documentary "Stones in Exile," the dad of seven told the Associated Press that parents shouldn't be hypocritical when it comes to talking to their kids about drugs. Jagger advised: "If they say 'You did it' you say, 'That's 'cause I know, I can tell you by experience. I'm not just telling you from a, sort of, inexperienced point of view. I can tell you the good things and the bad things about it.'"

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