Mick Jagger Gets Tapped to Host 'SNL' Season Finale, Plus a Look at Other Musicians Who Have Hosted

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Though he's no stranger to Studio 8H in the GE Building, Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger will get his first chance to actually host "Saturday Night Live" as the long-running sketch comedy show concludes its season. Jagger will also be the musical guest, which he's done for the show twice before. On May 19th, Mick will walk out and deliver the opening monologue and then appear in sketches throughout the broadcast.

Though this is his first time carrying the title of host, Jagger is no stranger to performing in sketches. The Rolling Stones made their first appearance on "SNL" in 1978 and Mick appeared in a classic sketch with Dan Aykroyd as late night talk show host Tom Snyder. Then later, Mick appeared on "Weekend Update" as his fellow band mate Keith Richards while Mike Myers played Jagger. Jimmy Fallon famously played the iconic rock and roller's reflection in the dressing room mirror in another popular sketch.

Mick will join a long list of musicians and singers who have held dual duty on the "SNL" stage.

Jack Black - The multi-talented Black isn't just a hilarious comedic actor. He sings and plays guitar in the band Tenacious D. Jack first hosted the show in 2002. The show's writers made full use of his musical chops, inserting places for him to sing whenever they could. They toned down the singing a bit when he hosted again in 2003 and 2005, but still weren't afraid to ask him to belt a line or two out when the sketch called for it.

Britney Spears - In 2000, the young Spears hosted and was the musical guest for the first time. She did quite well in her capacity as host and sketch performer, probably drawing on her experience from "The Mickey Mouse Club," a show she starred on as a young performer just starting in showbiz. She did well enough to be asked to return in 2002, and again was surprisingly decent performing in the sketches.

Justin Timberlake - Of all the singers and musicians who have taken up the reins to host "SNL," perhaps no one has done it better. Whether he's performing along side Fallon on "The Barry Gibb Talk Show" or dressed in a ridiculous restaurant mascot costume, Timberlake completely buys into the premise of the sketch and clearly gives everything he has. His best work on the show comes when he and likely departing cast member Andy Samberg work together in the Digital Shorts that Samberg helps produce for the show. The most famous of these collaborations is the video for the song "D**k in a Box" that went viral and landed a permanent place in pop-culture.

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