Michelle Obama Surprises the Oscars: Other Big Moments from Hollywood's Biggest Night

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Michelle Obama Surprises the Oscars: Other Big Moments from Hollywood's Biggest Night

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Michelle Obama is an example of beauty, ambition and confidence.

Leave it to Oscar to have a big surprise!

In a business known for shocking endings, Hollywood pulled off a huge surprise on Sunday night when first lady Michelle Obama popped up to present the award for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. The stunning move proved to be the first time that either a president or first lady has handed out an Oscar.

While she didn't make it to the Los Angeles red carpet to appear on-stage, the first lady was shown live from the White House dressed to the nines in a gorgeous silver evening gown just in time to close out the night's festivities. Before presenting the golden statue to the producers of "Argo" Mrs. Obama paid tribute to all of this year's Best Picture nominees saying, "They reminded us we can overcome any obstacles if we dig enough and hard enough. They are especially important for young people. Everyday they engage in the arts, they learn to open their imaginations and strive to reach those dreams."

Even though Obama's appearance was definitely the biggest surprise of the night, there were some other moments that stand out in the 2013 Academy Awards. Here are some of the biggest moments of Hollywood's biggest night:

Life's A Trip! Jennifer Lawrence was picture perfect in a Dior gown on the red carpet, but the "Silver Linings Playbook" star took a spill when she headed up the stairs to accept the award for Best Actress. The Hollywood elite felt her pain for living out their worst nightmare on live television by rising up for a standing ovation.

Stepping Up! Channing Tatum and Charlize Theron proved they are much more than a couple of pretty faces when they took to the stage to show off some fancy footwork full of lifts and leaps while the host for the evening, Seth MacFarlane, serenaded them with a classic tribute to "The Way You Look Tonight."

Hobbling Around! She may have eternal life as an on-screen vampire, but Kristen Stewart is not invincible after all. The "Twilight" actress arrived on the red carpet with a unique set of accessories for the evening - crutches! Rather than be immortalized forever with them, the star ditched them to pose for the cameras. Unfortunately, her injury became apparent to the masses later in the evening when she limped onstage alongside Daniel Radcliffe to present the award for Best Production Design.

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