Michael Jackson to Be Used for Pepsi Ads: Other Dead Celebrities that Appeared in Commercials

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The King of Pop might no longer be with us but that doesn't mean he can't help sell some soda. The family of the late Michael Jackson has reached a deal to allow Pepsi to use his likeness for a new marketing campaign. The "Thriller" singer, who passed away in 2009, was once the face of Pepsi as he endorsed the popular soft drink as far back as 1983. The new campaign will feature his image on soda cans as well as an upcoming TV ad. While it might seem a little strange to see a dead celebrity endorsing a product, this is something that happens more often than you might think. Here is a look at some other famous people that showed up in advertisements after they died.

Fred Astaire

The legendary actor and dancer was best known for twirling around on camera with actress Ginger Rogers but some people might know him for sharing the dance floor with a vacuum cleaner. In 1997, a decade after he passed away, footage from his old movies was used for a Dirt Devil commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. To the viewers at home, it looked like the fast-footed performer was dancing with the popular cleaning product. Not everyone in his family was overjoyed by the use of his likeness for the TV spot. His daughter admitted that she was ''saddened that after Fred's wonderful career, he was sold to the devil.''

John Wayne

Beer commercials are typically targeted for men, so it shouldn't come as a shock that the ultimate man's man was seen pushing Coors Light at one time. The star of westerns and war movies was seen in a series of ads in the early 1990s, more than a decade after his death at the age of 72. Old footage of the actor was used in the ads and he even says the word "beer," making this endorsement a little more logical than the one with Astaire.

Chris Farley

The famous "Saturday Night Live" alum tragically died before his time but that didn't stop DirecTV from using him to sell satellite dishes. In the controversial TV ad, frequent Farley co-star David Spade talks about the joys of DirecTV while Farley reacts through scenes from the movie "Tommy Boy." Though some people thought that this was done in poor taste, both Spade and the late actor's family fully supported it. "It shows him doing what he loved to do most, making people laugh," said his brother. "He would have loved the spot."

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