Meredith Vieira to Leave 'Today Show,' Is Ann Curry Spicy Enough to Replace Her?

NBC Expected to Pop the Question to 'Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride' News Anchor

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NBC workhorse Ann Curry is expected to replace Meredith Vieira on the "Today Show," TV Guide Reports. But is Curry charismatic enough to keep the morning infotainment show from becoming yesterday's news?

Like toast and oatmeal, Curry is a comforting and familiar part of many Americans' morning routines, but she may also be just as bland. Though widely admired by TV critics -- Hal Boedeker of the Orlando Sentinel describes her style as "warm" and "earnest" -- the 54-year-old Curry can come across as a tad too warm and earnest. Her velvety soft voice, sympathetic gaze and sweet smile can be viewed as either empathetic or fake, depending on one's perception of Curry.

The "Today Show" news anchor is generally regarded as a serious journalist. She's not just a pretty face who sits behind a desk reading words from a teleprompter, but also a hard working Annie-on-the-spot who flies around the globe -- from London to Darfur -- to engage in original reporting.

Yet Curry has also been known to make some embarrassing gaffes. A couple of years ago she confused the two Wheaton Colleges in a commencement speech and rattled off the names of famous alumni, such as evangelist Billy Graham, who had graduated from the other Wheaton College. Curry is also ribbed for frequent flubs. In a recent telecast she mixed up the two world wars, mistakenly stating the last veteran of World War II had died instead of World War I. This may have come as a shock to viewers who had participated in the more recent war, prompting them to check their pulse to make sure they were still alive.

Meanwhile, substitute Natalie Morales is supposed to move up to Curry's current spot as the official "Today Show" newsreader, a promotion that some Morales fans find misguided. They would rather see Morales sitting next to Matt over their morning mocha -- or even the sharp-witted Savannah Guthrie, a lawyer-turned-journalist who holds her own against smooth-talking politicians and other tough interview subjects as an NBC news White House correspondent and on MSNBC's "The Daily Rundown," which Guthrie co-hosts with Chuck Todd.

On the eve of the June wedding season, Curry's "always a bridesmaid, never a bride" curse may finally be lifted. The loyal NBC employee was passed over by the peacock network for the "Today Show" co-hosting spot when it was instead offered to Meredith Vieira five years ago. Whether Curry receives her promotion as payment for her loyalty or NBC thinks she is truly Ms. Right, she will finally have a chance to prove if she has a future as "Today's" top diva.

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