Melissa McCarthy's 'Saturday Night Live' Spill and Other Celebrity High Heel Disasters

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Melissa McCarthy's 'Saturday Night Live' Spill and Other Celebrity High Heel Disasters

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Lady Gaga's sky-high heels and elaborate dance moves can be a dangerous combination.

"Mike & Molly" star Melissa McCarthy proved once again on "Saturday Night Live" that she has a gift for physical comedy. In her opening monologue on the late night sketch show, the actress teetered on impossibly high, sparkly red platform heels. Mocking the impracticality of this persistent fashion trend, she clutched wildly at stair railings and band members' chairs, before finally sliding face-first onto the ground. While McCarthy was being intentionally funny, the following ladies created some accidental comedy while attempting to look stylish.

Rihanna: Known as much for her racy style as for her music, Rihanna often performs in booty shorts and teetering high heels. At a tour stop in Canada in 2011, the dancing diva slipped on her stilettos and fell forward onto her hands and knees, as you can see in the video here. Considering her often provocative dance moves, it's likely most of the fans at the concert didn't even notice, especially when she righted herself soon after. Though the damage wasn't permanent, we're guessing she had bruises on her legs and her ego afterward.

Lady Gaga: The avant-garde artist loves to play with outrageous costumes both on and off the stage, and that includes gravity-defying shoes. Couple this with her elaborate dance numbers and you have a recipe for disaster. Look around the Web and you can find multiple instances of Gaga falling down, including an incident on the Monster Ball Tour that left her with her head underneath her piano. Her extreme moves on stage eventually led to a hip injury that forced her to cancel tour dates in early 2013, and we wouldn't be surprised if a crazy shoe incident was somehow to blame.

Kate Middleton: Though the Duchess of Cambridge, in her royal life, has many experiences ordinary people can't fathom, her towering stiletto shoes brought her down to earth in a way all of us heel-wearers can identify with. Taking part in the 2013 St. Patrick's Day Parade, the lovely lady got her pointy heel stuck in a grate and nearly lost her shoe entirely. Luckily the expectant mom had hubby Will to hang onto while she got herself free, but we're thinking the perks of royalty have surely diminished when a princess has to dirty her hands by extracting her own heel.

Alicia Keys: Performing at the 2010 Essence Music Festival, the sexy songstress was perhaps sorry she'd ventured away from her famous piano. Taking a step backward, Alicia's five-inch heels slid on the stage and sent her tumbling backward. Luckily the fall wasn't too serious, especially as the talented musician was four months pregnant at the time. Insert an appropriate "Fallin'" joke here.

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