Melissa Joan Hart Latest Star to Hawk Diet Plan -- Plus, Others Celebs Who Slimmed Down in Public

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Melissa Joan Hart Latest Star to Hawk Diet Plan -- Plus, Others Celebs Who Slimmed Down in Public

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Melissa Joan Hart

Losing weight has become a popular way to make pin money in Hollywood. In an attempt to shed baby weight after the birth of her third child, Melissa Joan Hart has become the latest celebrity to sign on as a mouthpiece for a major diet brand.

The "Melissa and Joey" star will be shilling for Nutrisystem, a weight loss company that provides portion controlled meals in special pouches delivered to customers' front doors. She has reportedly lost 20 pounds already.

In its canned statement, the company seemed clearly under the spell of the "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" star: "She mirrors our values and will resonate with our customers as authentic."

Ironically, Hart could afford to hire a chef to prepare fresh diet-friendly meals but has opted to go the commercial route and make some money on the side.

The mother of three is following a well-traveled path of celebrities who use the opportunity to slim down to fatten their bank accounts.

One of the most well-known celebs to go public with her diet was Kirstie Alley, whose one-way weight loss journey with Jenny Craig turned out to be a round trip. Five years ago the "Cheers" star lost 75 pounds with the packaged food diet and even did a bikini reveal on "Oprah," but in an embarrassing twist for the company, she ended up gaining the weight back.

Another diet diva who joined Jenny Craig was Sara Rue, who had an ulterior motive for going public with her pound loss. "I sort of felt like the tabloids were going to write stories about it and people were going to comment about it one way or the other," she told a reporter. "I might as well take the power back and be like: 'Yes, here it is all out in the open. There's nothing to write a story about.'"

Meanwhile, "American Idol" star Jennifer Hudson has been singing the praises of Weight Watchers since losing 80 pounds on its diet plan. The "Dream Girls" star was truly a dream-come-true for the company since she has not only kept the weight off but has also been a passionate advocate for the points-based plan. Hudson recently helped the company celebrate its 50th birthday at a party in New York City -- and if she indulged in some birthday cake, we suspect it was only a sliver.

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