Melissa Gorga - What to Know About the "Real Housewives" Cast Member

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Melissa Gorga has had her share of battles on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" as the sister-in-law of Teresa Giudice and the battle continues as Teresa tries to prove just how scandalous Melissa's past was.

In recent developments on the reality show, Teresa tried to get Melissa to acknowledge her past career as a stripper, a rumor that broke earlier this year and shocked everyone.

Teresa, always trying to show her brother he's married to someone not worthy of his love and money, acted innocent in the confrontation that happened between Melissa and her former boss from a gentleman's club in New Jersey.

After the confrontation, sources close to Teresa revealed the Jersey mom had set up the whole thing. "[Teresa] was trying to embarrass Melissa and imply she used to be a stripper. All the other [cast members] thought it was wrong of Teresa," the source said.

On Sunday's episode Melissa challenged Teresa into admitting she was a part of the set-up and in this week's US Weekly Melissa is on the cover of the gossip magazine discussing the ways Teresa has tried to ruin her family.

Aside from being known as one to always be in a fight with her husband's only sister, there's much more to Melissa than what we see.

She dreams of a career in music

Before she was known as just another reality TV persona Melissa dreamed of a career in music. On the show we watched as Joe supported his wife's ambitions by building her a decked out music studio to work on her music.

She's done various performances and released a few songs since her studio was built including a new single she released this month called "I Just Wanna."

In the song Melissa sings, "I saw you size me up when I walked in the club, like 'who does she think she is?' Trying to fuel the drama. But I know best because mama told me if I have nothing to say, then say 'shh.'"

Her cousin is the original "Karate Kid"

Who knew the gorgeous brunette was related to Ralph Macchio of "Karate Kid" fame. Ralph has since been on several TV shows and competed on "Dancing With the Stars" last year.

Melissa revealed she was indeed Ralph's cousin when one viewer tuned into "Watch What Happens Live!" and asked Melissa about her famous family member.

Do you feel bad for Melissa? Is she just as bad as Teresa makes her out to be or is she truly a victim of Teresa's craziness? Sound off!

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