Megan Fox Promotes New Movie: A Look at Her Unique Roles

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Megan Fox is hitting the theaters again!

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Megan Fox is hitting the theaters again!

Actress Megan Fox is promoting a new movie called "Friends With Kids." However, the star seems prepared for a career after Hollywood. In a recent interview, the star revealed that she aspires to be an archaeologist. She even says she has been offered the chance to participate in a dig. Fans shouldn't worry though. As it stands right now, Fox is keeping up her acting career. The wife of Brian Austin Green takes on a different type of role in the comedy "Friends With Kids." Will it go down as one of her best so far? Here are some of Fox's other notable roles.

Sydney - "Hope & Faith"

One of the early breaks for the actress came when she took on the role of Sydney in the sitcom "Hope & Faith." She played the role from 2004 through 2006 after replacing original actress Nicole Paggi. She didn't have to stretch too far to play Sydney, a girl that is popular and draws the attention of many boys. Despite a strong cast that included Faith Ford and Kelly Ripa, the show was axed after three seasons.

Mikaela - "Transformers"

The actress was given the chance to star in the blockbuster summer movie "Transformers" in 2007. She played the hot dream girl of the nerdy lead character played by Shia LaBeouf. She reprised her role in the hit sequel but did not return for the third movie released in 2011. While the biggest draw in the two movies came from the special effects, the stunning Fox definitely proved to hold her own as an attractive girl that knew how to put up a fight.

Jennifer - "Jennifer's Body"

Fox took on an edgy role in this dark horror film. She plays the title character, a popular girl driven to madness after a bizarre incident. The actress did a nice job of portraying the psychopathic killer in the movie. It was fun to see her play the bad girl instead of the heroine. While the movie wasn't very successful it did show the actresses ability to stretch her range.

Lilah - "Jonah Hex"

Clearly, the star had a lot of fun as the female lead in this movie. She plays a savvy, tough prostitute that knows how to fire a weapon. She also serves as the love interest of the title character played by Josh Brolin. Set as a Western, this movie proves that the actress can find success in any type of movie. That's why it should be fun to see her in a big comedy like "Friends with Kids."

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