Megan Fox Gets Big Laughs in 'Dictator'

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Megan Fox Gets Big Laughs in 'Dictator'

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Megan Fox Gets Big Laughs in 'Dictator'

The trailer for Sacha Baron Cohen's new movie The Dictator (about a foreign ruler who comes to America) just premiered online and to say expectations are high for the film -- since it comes from the same brain that delivered Borat and Ali G -- is an understatement.

Expectations are monumental.

And the first look delivers one of the best sites I've gazed in quite some time: Megan Fox sending up her image by playing "herself" in the same way Neil Patrick Harris plays himself in the Harold & Kumar movies.

Once she makes a kute Kardashian joke, all is forgiven and Megan's back in my good graces.

Can't say the same for The Dictator because when Megan Fox is the funniest thing in a Sacha Baron Cohen trailer, there's a problem. However, since Anna Faris co-stars in the May 11, 2012 release and she's not even glimpsed in this promo, here's hoping there's a lot to the movie we haven't seen yet.

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