Matthew McConaughey Welcomes Son Livingston: Other StarTots with Unique Monikers

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Matthew McConaughey Welcomes Son Livingston: Other StarTots with Unique Monikers

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Matthew McConaughey Camila Alves

Matthew McConaughey is one proud papa -- for the third time!

When it comes to celebrity parents it seems that they all have to outdo one another in the uniqueness of their baby's names. The trend holds true to celebrity couple Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves who welcomed their third child over the holidays. Rather than go for a tried and true traditional name, the couple opted for the unique name of Livingston for the newest addition to their family.

The actor broke the news of the baby's arrival on his website writing, "Camila gave birth to our third child yesterday morning. Our son, Livingston Alves McConaughey was born at 7:43am on 12.28.12. He greeted the world 9 lbs. and 21 inches. Bless up and thank you for your well wishes. Happy New year, and just keep livin, Camila and Matthew McConaughey."

It is not the first time that the couple has decided to don an innovative moniker on one of their children. The newest addition joins big brother Levi, 4, and big sister Vida, almost 3.

The decision to skip the traditional old-school names is nothing new in the world of celebrities with scores of stars going above and beyond to buck tradition by giving their child a soon-to-be trendy name. Here are some of the most unique celebrity baby names of 2012:

Blue Ivy Carter: Her much anticipated arrival in January was no disappointment! The first child of music superstars Jay-Z and Beyonce earned herself the title of one of the most unique baby names of the year when they named her Blue Ivy. While the uber-private couple gave no explanation of her name, fans of the stars quickly decided that Blue was in recognition of her father's favorite hue and Blue and Ivy was in recognition of a their favorite numeral "IV" or 4. The couple went on to trademark her name with reported plans to use it for a future expansion of the personal franchises.

Maple Sylvie Bateman: Who would have thought that a celebrity could outdo Apple? Jason Bateman almost made us forget about Gwyneth Paltrow's tribute to fruit when he decided to name his second daughter after the stately tree. The syrupy sweet tot joined big sister Francesca, 6, when she made her big arrival in February. Note to future celebrity parents - you may want to skip any tributes to food products when naming your children!

Pearl Clementine Osbourne: Proud papa Jack Osbourne turned to both bling and fruit when it came to naming his first child earlier this year. It should come as no surprise that the son of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne would opt for an unconventional name when it came to his own offspring given his unique upbringing. It was a year of highs and lows for the former reality star who was still blissfully enjoying the arrival of baby Pearl when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in June. Rather than let it get him down, the star decided to look to the future with his baby mama Lisa Stelly and the two tied the knot in a Hawaiian wedding in October.

Maxwell Drew Johnson: She may already be expecting her second baby, but Jessica Simpson was blissfully enjoying the arrival of her first child back in May. When it came to the baby's name she went with the unisex moniker of Maxwell for her baby girl. While the name initially raised a few eyebrows, it didn't bother Jess who was too enamored with her daughter to care about the controversy. She tweeted her joy writing, "I am so in love. I want to cry every time I look at her. Motherhood is by far the best thing I've ever experienced."

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