Matthew McConaughey Makes "Magic Mike" Debut - Hollywood's Hottest Bodies

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By now, you've probably seen the delicious trailer for the stripperiffic movie "Magic Mike" in which Matthew McConaughey plays Dallas, the owner of an all-male strip club. The 42-year-old has one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood, which he almost completely displays at the end of the movie as he does a bit of stripping while wearing a thong. Of his tiny wardrobe for the scene, he said "We took a lot of time designing it because the thong's your armor, man. It's your sword. Well, I guess it's really the sheath for the sword." In the movie you'll hear him say "The law says you cannot touch. But I think I see a lot of lawbreakers up in this house." and chances are you'll find it difficult to not want to touch some of these other hot male Hollywood bodies.

Channing Tatum

Mr. Magic Mike himself certainly has one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood and his previous days of being a stripper actually inspired the movie. He's married to actress and dancer Jenna Dewan, so you can look ladies, but no touching no matter how much you want to. However, you can at least appreciate - and drool over - his incredibly sculpted body.

Joe Manganiello

Who said werewolves can get down? The "True Blood" actor portrays a werewolf on the series, but in "Magic Mike" he plays one of the sizzling dancers. Between his ripped body, his smoldering glance and his ability to pull off facial hair, it's hard to take your eyes off him whether he's on the small or big screen.

Zac Efron

He's certainly grown up quite a bit since "High School Musical," hasn't he? Now the 24-year-old leaves jaws dropping whether or not he has a shirt on. His romantic roles in "Charlie St. Cloud" and "The Lucky One" helped amp up his charm and appeal with the ladies and if he keeps up his hot bod, that appeal is likely going to increase even more.

Kellan Lutz

Although he's been acting professionally since 2004, it wasn't until his role as Emmet Cullen in the 2008 movie "Twilight" when he raised eyebrows with his seriously sexy body. Since then, he's been showing off his six pack on screen and off much to the delight of women everywhere. Let's hope we haven't seen the last of him with his shirt off.

Which hottie is your favorite?

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