Matthew Fox Accused of Hitting Women by 'Lost' Co-Star: Other Actors that Recently Faced Abuse Accusations

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If there is ever a reunion for the TV show "Lost," don't expect co-stars Matthew Fox and Dominic Monaghan to spend a lot of time talking to each other. It seems like the falling out between the two stars has reached a fever pitch after Monaghan openly tweeted about Fox's alleged desire to beat women. During a discussion with fans on the website, Monaghan was asked if he would like Fox to join Twitter. "He beats women. No thanks," responded the star. Despite some backlash from Fox supporters, he has not backed away from his comments. Meanwhile, Fox has not issued any formal statement but a source reveals that the actor has "never beaten a woman in his life." In recent years, several other actors have popped up in the news because of charges that they hurt women. Here is a look at some of them.

Jaleel White

The Urkel actor returned to the public eye with his recent stint on "Dancing with the Stars," and it didn't take long for negative press to follow him. His comeback hit a snag earlier this year when a former girlfriend accused him of abuse stemming from a 2010 incident. Not surprisingly, the actor denied the claims and accused her of trying to spoil his career resurgence. "The allegations made against me back in 2010 have suspiciously resurfaced in time to coincide with my new show," said White on the timing of the accusations.

Terrence Howard

In December, the "Iron Man" star received a restraining order courtesy of his estranged wife. According to her, the Oscar nominated star had physically abused her multiple times since their marriage began in early 2010. Howard quickly filed legal papers and denied that he had hurt her. This wasn't the first time that the actor was accused of battering women. After defending rapper Chris Brown for his abuse of Rihanna, it was revealed that Howard was arrested in 2001 for hitting his first wife.

Nicolas Cage

The Oscar winning actor was arrested in April of 2011 after an altercation with Alice Kim, his third wife. The incident took place after a drunken Cage allegedly grabbed his wife's arm after the two argued over the location of their residence. Less than a month later, the charges against the actor were dropped and the couple is still together. "After their investigation, the DAs refused all charges against Nick and the matter has been closed," said a rep for the star.

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