Matthew Broderick Celebrates 50th Birthday: Other Male Celebrities Hitting 50 in 2012

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Actor Matthew Broderick turned 50 on Wednesday, March 21, a strange thought considering he is still known to many fans as Ferris Bueller, the high school student who chose to sing and dance instead of going to school one fateful day. While he has gone on to critical acclaim in the musical "The Producers" and recently appeared in the action-comedy "Tower Heist," he will always be remembered for playing a teenager in one of cinema's most beloved classic comedies.

If Broderick turning 50 makes you feel old, check out these other male celebrities who also turn 50 in 2012.

Tom Cruise

While he still has his youthful appearance and is willing to jump from skyscrapers in the name of his craft, Tom Cruise has been in the public eye long enough to make his addition to the 50-club not quite as surprising. Cruise, who turns 50 in July, still flashes the million dollar smile and remains one of the best actors in Hollywood while winning his ongoing battle with Father Time.

Jim Carrey

While Jim Carrey shows his age a little more than Cruise, he didn't really breakout until his 1994 film, "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective." As a result of his late career launching pad, the fact that the funny-man turned 50 in January of 2012 might come as a surprise to some fans. Luckily, he remains as crazy and manic as ever, entertaining all with his strange and ridiculous movie roles.

Jon Bon Jovi

The thing about being a rock star is that you are rarely seen unless you are doing an interview or playing in concert. Jon Bon Jovi is one musician that fans see a lot more than his contemporaries thanks to roles in movies, benefit shows and charity work. However, the singer, who turned 50 earlier in March, remains as youthful as ever, with his precise hairdo never showing his age.

Axl Rose

One '80s rock legend that is not aging anywhere near as well as Bon Jovi is Guns N' Roses lead singer Axl Rose. The man that many see as responsible for destroying Guns N' Roses due to his own arrogance turned 50 in February and continues to try to make it as a rock star. The public rarely sees Rose and his band has only one album over the last 18 years, making the fact that the bad boy rebel is a half century old a little hard to fathom.

Steve Carell

Much like Carrey, Steve Carell got a rather late start to his career, but thanks to the movie "The 40-Year Old Virgin," the comedian's upcoming 50th birthday is a little easier to fathom. Carell, who turns 50 in August, recently finished his long-running television role on "The Office" and is attempting a more sustained role in Hollywood.

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