Mary-Kate Olsen's Now Brunette

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Mary-Kate Olsen's Now Brunette

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Mary-Kate Olsen's Now Brunette

While the Olsen twins are now more primarily known for their impressive fashion empire and unconventional style, they also have a distinct look -- big eyes, super-petite and blond hair (or as Jamie Kennedy once referred to them on a memorable episode of Cribs, "baby Cameron Diaz's").

But Mary-Kate Olsen recently decided to drastically change it up, dying her hair completely dark brown.

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MK debuted the new look at last night's 2012 CFDA Fashion Awards in New York City, sporting a super-straight hairdo and tucking her hair behind her ears to show off a pair of heavy drop earrings you just know cost more than your car.

The new 'do makes her look a little more mature, no?

... Perhaps it has something to do with her rumored new boyfriend, Olivier Sarkozy, who's 17 years her senior?

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Whatever the inspiration, I'll take it. Anything has to be better than those electrocuted blond tendrils she was sporting at her last public appearance.

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