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A 10-year-old Martha Stewart is now a cartoon character in a series of web videos and TV shows.

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A 10-year-old Martha Stewart is now a cartoon character in a series of web videos and TV shows.

From TV star to magazine queen to mortified ex-con, Martha Stewart has morphed into more characters over the years than a vampire. But Martha's newest role, as a precocious cartoon tween, may be her most intriguing. In an effort to make the aging Martha immortal, an animated version of the lifestyle guru as a smartypants 10-year-old has become the star of a new series of web cartoon videos and Hallmark TV specials.

In one of her animated web videos, mini-Martha teaches her friends at a slumber party how to make a yogurt-avocado masque as two baffled French bulldogs look on. Ironically, one of the girls says to Martha, "I feel younger already," as if a tween's goal is to look more like a fresh-faced first grader than a hip high-schooler. The cartoon Martha also recently appeared on "Martha's Fourth," a Hallmark TV special in which Martha enlists her friends and neighbors to find her two missing dogs and save the town's Fourth of July celebration from being cancelled.

Though so far the cartoon Martha has exhibited no special powers other than being smarter than a fifth grader, the possibilities of what a real life celebrity can accomplish when not constrained by bothersome biology rules are infinite. With that in mind, we wondered which other celebs should star in their own cartoons:


Even as a real person Oprah is deemed to have special powers. Though her new cable TV network OWN has yet to prove itself, Oprah's Midas touch made stars of Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Nate Berkus, Bob Greene and other Oprah experts.The influential chat diva could almost magically turn a sleeper book into a best seller just by choosing it as her book club selection.

As a cartoon figure, Oprah could be even more powerful. She could be as slim as she wants without having to give up her sweets or work up a sweat sincea cartoon character can be drawn any shape or size. And without having to get their pesky permission, Oprah could finally collar such coveted interview guests as O.J. Simpson and the Queen of England.

Goopy Gwyneth Gets Real

In her parenting and lifestyle blog, GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow pretends to be a real person offering advice that is useful to other women juggling work, family and friends. Many women have been cynical about her suggestions, however, since the privileged Paltrow has household help that cooks, cleans and cares for her children when she is busy acting, singing and typing up tips on her blog.

Ironically, a cartoon Gwyneth could be a more believable woman who has to choose between buying organic kumquats and paying the cable bill and for whom a girls night out more likely involves beer and Bunco than Madonna and mojitos.

The Adventures of Marvelous Mel and Champion Charlie

In real life Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen have gotten themselves into more hot water than a potful of lobsters. Gibson was recorded by his baby mama Oksana Grigorieva calling her a pig among other not-so-nice names, and Sheen went on a rampage carousing with goddesses and revealing he had tiger blood and was a rock star from Mars

While the real Gibson and Sheen have paid a price for their bad boy behavior -- Gibson getting scant movie roles; Sheen losing his lucrative sitcom -- the cartoon versions of these two mortals could be freed from human shackles. Gibson could polish his tarnished image by campaigning for human rights, leading South Parkish skinheads in a chorus of "We Are the World," while Sheen activates his Martian antennae to conjure up mermaids and goddesses who fulfill his every wish.

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